Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Self Destruction is Such a Pretty Little Thing

Jacket - £20, Drop Dead
Top - £6 Topshop
Necklace - Made by me
Shorts - £16 Zara
Socks - £5 River Island
Boots - £11 Primark
Anchor knuckle ring - £5 Topman
Diamond band ring - (mums) Thomas Sabo
Signet Ring - (mums) Vivienne Westwood

I guess this is cheating as this is actually what I wore this friday just gone to my friend's party, but it's an outfit post so meh!  The outfit features my new favourite item of clothing, my Drop Dead robot varsity jacket, which I made a post about a little further down the other day.  I have now finished all of my GCSE exams (YAY) so posts should be pretty regular again, maybe a little excessive so apologies in advance!

As I'm going to have so much free time, I'm definitely going to start going to the gym again and I've bought a load of denim jeans which I'm making into customised shorts.  I've already spent hours the other day studding the front of some (it's so time consuming and frustrating!) and a few months ago I made my own studded/applique jacket which I still haven't got round to making a post about, so hopefully I'll get around to doing it soon!

love amy x


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