Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday Summary Week 245

1/ Early morning workout with Huawei   2/ Holborn looking gorge
3/ Published my Amsterdam post   4/ Harley selfie
5/ Fluffy OOTD   6/ Breakfast goals @ Shoreditch House
7/ Unicorn jacket!!   8/ LCF exhibition
9/ Fashion Space, Oxford Circus   10/ OOTD with Zoe!

I'm glad to say that I've been really motivated this week - I've been eating a lot healthily and cooking meals from scratch, incorporating a lot more veg into my diet.  I also had a workout breakfast with Huawei, which helped me to understand that however hard the exercise, I am capable of it, and it's so worth it for how great you feel afterwards!  I've also had less difficulty sleeping lately which is very out of the ordinary for me, and I feel so much more relaxed and less anxious.

On the downside, I said goodbye to my Grandma this Saturday just gone.  She passed away last December so there was a service held for her, and as much as it was upsetting, it was ultimately a celebration of her life, which was uplifting and gave me closure.  I like to think that maybe she has been watching over me and sending positive vibes to help me live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Hope you all had a good weekend <3


  1. Your instagram is always full of pinks a gorgeous dreamy shades. Looks like you had a fab week!

    Grace xxx

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