Friday, 19 October 2018


We're all guilty of it; too much bleaching, heat styling, and general disregard for our hair - I've had pink hair for over 6 years now, and trust me, it takes it toll!   A couple months ago I was gutted as I had to have a good few inches chopped off as it was so dead, so when I was asked by the lovely people at Cocoa Locks if I wanted to try their Hair Growth Chocolate Programs I was straight on it!

Alright, let's get into the science here; the slightly boring, but most important factor.  The formula has been clinically proven by the EU to maintain healthy hair, as it contains Selenium, Zinc and Biotin.  These ingredients have also been proven to improve skin and nails, plus the formula is 26 calories per cup, and bloody delicious to top it off!

I'm the worst person for routine; being freelance has it's strengths, but fixed timings don't work too well with me - I've tried the Holland & Barrett thing - countless vitamins that have always ended up in the back of my drawer; I am hideously forgetful, and in general not a fan of pills to be honest!

I make myself a mocha every morning anyway, so incorporating Cocoa Locks into my daily routine was a breeze.  I've only been drinking it for the past two weeks, but I swear it's looking thicker in the before/after photos!  Right??  (Please ignore the embarassingly patchy dye job, won't be dyeing it myself again, facepalm).


I've also got the Chocolate Hairshake to try out yet; I'll definitely be carrying on drinking it daily - this stuff is delish!  If you're interested, there are tons of reviews and before/after pics on the Cocoa Locks website, and on their Instagram page!

Would you try out Cocoa Locks?



  1. Your hair is beautiful ♥

  2. Your hair looks beautiful - both before and after you dyed it. It's wonderful that you're taking good care of it. I especially love mugs of hot chocolate in the cold winter months. I see that they offer free + fast world-wide shipping, so I am seriously considering trying Cocoa Locks.

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  5. Having some chocolate and best hair in the same time sounds a great idea :)

  6. love chocolate too, the hair color is so sparkling
    jeulia Jewerly

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