Sunday 30 September 2012

Sunday Summary Week 72

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ wore a super old skirt   2/ wedding camper van!
3/ super naff backstreet boys tee   4/ crashed a wedding
5/ got some moroccan oil   6/ boohoo spiked shirt & mickey
7/ spiked shirt close up & fotd   8/ got my nails done
9/ wore my hair off my face, crazy   10/ got my pink license!
11 & 12/ iphoneograpy assignment (tom & ed)
13/ flicky eyeliner fotd   14/ boohoo shirt ootd
15/ made a nutella steamer   16/ smiley crop top I diy'd
17/ love my new oasap shirt   18/ oasap ring arrived

A lot of outfit photos this week!  I gained over 205 followers on instagram this month, and am nearly at 800 so I guess I must be doing something right!  I'm totally caught up in college work at the moment so may be posting a little less frequently for the time being but catch up with my on twitter and instagram etc in the meantime (:
love amy x

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Reading Festival 2012 // Part 2

 I know it's pretty late but I got my disposable cameras (yes, plural!) developed and I'm so happy with how they turned out so wanted to share them! My hair was a lot brighter than it is now, I miss it!
love amy x

Monday 24 September 2012

Louboutin Giveaway!

enter HERE
Okay deep breaths people, e-tail webstores is giving away a pair of real Louboutin shoes!! I know right, awesome stuff, now click here to go to the facebook page and enter the competition, oh and here's a listing for them so you can drool over their glossy, Louboutin-y amazingness.
love amy x

Sunday 23 September 2012

Sunday Summary Week 71

1/ Ice cream!   2/ Painted my nails
3/ Necklaces   4/ Passed my driving test!
5/Urban outfitters shirt   6/ Vampy lipstick
7/ New stereo with my phone name haha   8/ Rings
9/ Large iced mocha   10/ Feeding puppies
11/ Too much too young tee   12/ Winged eyeliner
13/ Me & Tom   14/ Glorious beverage

I finally passed my driving test this week! I'm so happy and totally over the moon with my new freedom, I live so far away from everything so it's such an advantage to drive, saves paying train fares and waiting around in the cold for people to pick me up!  I also got second on the lookbook home page yesterday so that's pretty huge for me, I didn't realise a white dress, camo jacket and some spiky shoes could get over 1000 hypes! See the post here (:
love amy x

Saturday 22 September 2012


Sunglasses // Giant Vintage
Earrings // Topshop
Camo jacket // Reading festival
Necklaces // Tiffany, vintage
White vest dress* // OASAP [link]
Studded belt // brother's (old)
Spiked boots* // Tribeca shoes [link]
Gold cuff bracelet* // OASAP [link]
Rings // Rachael Sudlow, vintage, Spain, market stall, France
Lipstick // MAC Morange

Every time I see someone wearing the camo jackets from Topshop etc that cost like £40 I feel better about myself as mine only cost me £5 from a market stall at reading festival! I love this vest dress as the material is really good quality so it drapes really nicely so is very flattering.  I went for the girly style with a military/punk twist with the jacket, studded belt and spiked shoes, keeping jewellery simple apart from the hand candy that I just cannot avoid, I love my rings!
love amy x

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