Wednesday 31 July 2013


Dress* // Siren London
Spiked Damsels // Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch* // Persunmall
Earrings // New Look
Bracelet // Thomas Sabo
Rings // Persunmall*, market, Lumafina, ebay

I'm trying to keep up with blogging and everything properly but it's so hard, I hate posting in the night time as I feel less people see it, waaa.  I want to focus a little more on my YouTube as I love making videos and I've had good feedback from the vlog I posted the other day.  I also hit 3000 subscribers which I'm mega excited about and thank you to all the people that watch my crappy awkward videos, I am trying to make them better so bear with me for now!

love amy x

Tuesday 30 July 2013

VIDEO // Bournemouth Vlog

You may know that I went to Bournemouth for the weekend with my friend Jess not so long ago.  I vlogged the trip which was a bit scary as I've never filmed myself in public before!  It's pretty cringey and not typically 'blogger-y' as I get a little drunk and make a bit of a tit of myself, but I hope you like it anyway, I'd really appreciate it if you'd subscribe to my channel (:
love amy x

Monday 29 July 2013


Kimono* // Ette
Top // Brandy Melville
Shorts // Urban Outfitters
Sandals // Market
Necklaces // Tiffany, Primark
Earrings // Market
Rings // Rachael Sudlow, Native Feathers*, Primark, market, market, Persunmall*

This kimono is definitely one of my favourite items in my wardrobe - I wore it to the launch party of The Edit and got a ton of compliments on it, however it really isn't the most convenient thing in my wardrobe!  I'm sure a lot of kimono owners will understand what I mean when I say the tassles are looped, so I get caught on everything..and I mean everything.  As the event was in London I, of course, had to get the tube and I got tangled up to people's bags, escalators, the rails when I went shopping, and even the wardrobe door handles when I was taking these photos.. #KimonoProblems.  Although it takes me three minutes of untangling to get out the car I think it's totally worth it for such a beautiful piece, and it would be perfect for the upcoming Reading Festival!  Are any of you guys kimono owners and get where I'm coming from? haha!
love amy x

Sunday 28 July 2013

Sunday Summary Week 115

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ New Grafea backpack   2/ New beanie babies..what?!
3/ New Persunmall ring   4/ OASAP Tee
5/ Topshop shoes   6/ SheInside tee
7/ Awesome tee haha   8/ Catherine drew me!

Just a quick blog post as I'm pretty tired.  Apparently I got a lot of good stuff in the post this week, always nice when that happens!
love amy x

Saturday 27 July 2013

REVIEW // Mac Asian Flower Sheen Supreme Lipstick

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Flower - £15.50

My dad took a trip to New York the other week and was so kind as to bring me back a little treat!  I did originally ask for the Violetta lipstick but it wasn't in stock in any of the 3 Mac stores in NY - instead the shop assistant recommended a lighter lipstick with a lavender tint in the form of this Sheen Supreme lipstick in the shade Asian Flower.  It is very different to Violetta but in a good way, I have the Lime Crime lipstick in D'Lilac which I wear sometimes for outfit posts but feel it's a little too 'out there' to wear out, and new additions to my lipstick collection are always welcome because I don't really own very many!

The Mac website describes the Sheen Supreme lipsticks as 'The colour impact of a lipstick with the shine sheen of a lipglass' and I'm inclined to agree.  As much as I love a matt lipstick, glossy lips also look great and I found this to be non-sticky and easy to apply with a smooth consistency.  A few reviews said that they found the formula to be drying but I haven't experienced this, and I wore it to work today and would say it lasts around 4 hours until another application is needed.  I don't know if it's a bit of an odd thing to say, but it fades away nicely, in that a lot of lipsticks I own tend to disappear from the inside out, leaving me looking like I'm just wearing lipliner (which is not a good look!).  Because of the sheer yet pigmented nature of the product I feel the lipstick would be very buildable depending on how much colour you'd like on your lips - one quick sweep and you can have a coloured gloss but add a couple more layers and you get an opaque finish.  In the photo above I have two coats on and did not prime my lips beforehand and the colour is strong, but if you look at other reviews the colour can get even stronger!  As I mentioned before, the colour is a light pink meets lavender and a couple of bloggers say that it is very similar to Lime Crime's Airbourne Unicorn with a little less purple and I can definitely see it.

Anyway it seems I've run out of lipstick qualities to babble about - I can't believe I just wrote a fat paragraph about a makeup product, I guess I'm not as bad a beauty blogger as I thought..either that or I am and I've just talked a load of rubbish!  I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and congrats on making it this far - I'd definitely purchase another Sheen Supreme lipstick and this has made me want to expand my lipstick collection, if you have any 'holy grail' lipsticks I'd love some suggestions!
love amy x

Friday 26 July 2013


Dress* // Karma Clothing
Tights // Primark
Shoes // Topshop
Backpack* // La Moda
Hat // Topshop
Earrings // Accessorize
Necklaces // Tiffany, Thomas Sabo, DIY, DIY
Bracelet // Thomas Sabo
Rings // Rachael Sudlow, Persunmall*, Ette*, Brandy Melville, Regal Rose, market
Lips // Mac Morange

Yes I'm wearing the same shoes twice in a row, no I'm not sorry.  I was so unsure about keeping them at first but now I absolutely adore them! I thought the dress looked a little plain on it's own so donned my patterned tights and overall love the look.  However I am pretty tall at nearly 5'11" so the dress is a bit too short for me (a problem I get all the time!) so I'm selling it on my blog shop here, hope you like the look!

love amy x

Ladybird Nail Varnish by Northern Sky Nails

Ladybird nail varnish* // Northern Sky Nails

As I've featured the shop quite a few times on my blog I'm sure you may now have heard of Northern Sky Nails.  I reviewed my pink nail varnish from them which you can read here and this is just a post about the other one I received!  It's a true red colour with black sequins in it so I had a ton of people saying I had ladybird nails!  I think next time I use this colour I'll use some black for an accent nail to actually be a teeny ladybird.  This formula was pretty much the same as the other so if you would like to read the review click here.  I'll once again say that all Northern Sky Nail varnishes are handmade and if you contact Karen she'll be more than happy to create a custom colour especially for you!  What do you think of my ladybird nails? (:
love amy x
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