Monday 28 February 2011

this life is yours.

i found this picture where i find pretty much everything, tumblr. (follow me here!) this quote is just amazing, normally with things like this it's just like tl;dr, *scroll* but as soon as i read it i was so inspired, and honestly had such an urge to write it out and put it in one of the empty frames on my wall (not got round to filling them yet!).  i think i might, but i want to do it properly, really arty or something, maybe with watercolours, i don't know aha.  just thought i'd share it, seeing as i can't think of anything else to write about other than how much i hate mocks!
love amy x

Sunday 27 February 2011

there's a beating to your heart that i just can't be apart

this is my baby brother, he may be annoying and restricting to my social life at times but oh just look at his gorgeous face, i love him to pieces!  this was just going to be a boring text post so i needed to put in a picture somewhere and here it is! (note my wearing my leopard onesie, they're just so comfy!)

okay, so blog regularities:

on my previous blog, susanna valentine, i had weekly features like mini mixtape monday and wednesday wants.  i think it's good for blogs to have them, because they keep posts regular but they can become annoying and a chore for the blogger, especially if they need to get work done (hello, gcse's?) but i do want to feature some blog regularities.  i'm thinking of doing something like the mini mixtape mondays i used to do, but 5 songs would sometimes take a while, so i'm just going to choose 1.  i might also carry on with wednesday wants too and was thinking about doing an photography day? with images on tumblr but i guess you can see them just by following my tumblr d:

so yeah anyway, i go back to school tomorrow! so not looking forward to it, especially as our mocks start on wednesday, as i've probably said in a previous post.  i guess it will be nice to go back as i get to see all of my friends again, as a load of them have been on holiday in half term so i didn't see them.  also also, my boyfriend, shaun, is coming back from his snowboarding holiday in canada today and unfortunately i don't think i'll be able to see him tonight as i'm at mums, but i can't wait to see him as it's been so long!

anyway, i must get back to revision and my delicious, nutritional lunch of pot noodles!

love amy x

Friday 25 February 2011

put the stars in our eyes

1. me in one of my vain moments
2. me & joe, the only photo of me tonight taken on a decent camera!
3. group photo with the macbook, shocking quality though

woooo i have 1 follower! ahaha come on guyss help me out here! i might make some buttons or whatever and ask for bloggers to put them in their sidebars so i can get more views and possibly followers? who knows.

so anyway, tonight was reallllly fun.  i had a few friends over for a gathering and it was just chilled and  nice, not done anything like it for a while so was good to have. you may have guessed that the above photo is what i wore aha, i'm not sure whether or not to put where my clothes are from etc like eeevery other blogger out there so i didn't, because no one's really reading this anyway.  also, if you don't really know me, normally i have my hair straight or leave it natural, which is kinda wavy but tonight (even you can't really see it in this picture) i curled it! not much of a difference, i know, but i want to create a new 'me' after what's been happening lately, i've just got bored of myself, if you know what i mean? probably not but yyaknow, i'm trying!

so i am absolutely knackered now and i'm off to remove my makeup, change into my pj's and get all snuggled up in bed! night night reader(s?) :D
love amy x

Thursday 24 February 2011


hey i'm amy :)
i've decided that i'm going to start a blog, as an outlet kind of thing, somewhere i can just post my happenings, interests and everything, i dunno.  i have previously had a blog, cause i have my own little jewellery business and i used it as a kind of joint blog for my and my jewellery shop updates, but it got really jumbled so i decided to start a new blog! i'm not really sure what i'm gonna post really, but i have a few ideas.  i'm still working on the whole layout and graphics part but that should be sorted soon hopefully.

i've been having a difficult time with everything in general at the moment so i just need something to take my mind off things, which is what this little haven is going to be (: i guess blogging is kinda new and unusual to some, especially to a few of my friends but whatever, i love all of the blogging community and aspire to be a part of it all! (without sounding like a retard)

i don't know what kind of things i'll be doing, probably just lifestyle things but maybe outfit posts, photography, diy? idk thats what everyone seems to like on blogs etc.  i'll give it a try i guess (:
thanks for reading, if anyone is actually reading this!
love amy x
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