Sunday 31 March 2013

Sunday Summary Week 98

1/ Backstage prep   2/ My final stage look!
3/ Fern before the show   4/ Hectic backstage
5/ Phoebe's final look   6/ Hazelnut mocha & rocky road
7/ Lizzy drew me!   8/ Thriftette & Boohoo ootd
9/ Painting my nails all minty   10/ Raspberry cupcake
11/ Marshmallowy hot chocolate   12/ La Di Da Cupcakes decor
13/ Tie Dye tee ootd   14/ Caramel cupcake
15/ Touch Zero Gravity rubix case   16/ Easter sunday roast

So a lot of photos this week!  The first few are from when I was in Manchester on Monday for Pro Hair Live which was really fun, then I went to the La Di Da bakery with my mum for her birthday so I got some pretty pictures from that!  I'm off to Manchester tomorrow for a couple of days so hopefully that'll be fun :D
love amy x

March Haul // Evil Twin, YSL, Boohoo, Oh My Love, Free People, Daisy Street, Lashes & Lee

I was going to do 'March favourites' because I've never done a favourites video before but a haul took over, as I kind of aquired a lot of things in February/March, oopsy!  Let me know if you have any video suggestions in the comments, I can't think of anything!
love amy x

Friday 29 March 2013


Earrings* // Harts + Crosses
Phlox crop top* // Lashes of London
Necklace* // AOKO NY
Levi shorts // Vintage
Feather bracelet* // Delilah Dust
Spiked Damsels // Jeffrey Campbell
Kitty tights // Missguided
Tie dye socks // eBay
Rings // Rachael Sudlow, eBay, Regal Rose, Lumafina, Markets
Lipstick // Lime Crime D'lilac

Iridescent sequins plus crop top, divided by cut-outs equals pure awesome - I can't get enough of my Lashes of London Phlox top.  The sequins can be a range of different colours - from peach to pink to turquoise to mint - and if you push them a different way they're a matt pink, so it's really nice to contrast the colours, it's also fun to draw with the different textures like in my vine here! I wanted to team it in the style of the new 'mermaid punk' fashion, so paired it with pastel tie dye socks and a spike necklace, then my adorable Missguided kitty tights!  I wore them to the Missguided blogger party the other day as well (which I'll post about soon) and despite walking around London in the freezing cold, I could hardly feel it because they're so thick for a pair of nude tights - so I'm really happy with the quality of them, so would definitely check out the rest of the tights collection, or just Missguided in general because they have some awesome stuff!
love amy x

Thursday 28 March 2013

HAUL // Delilah Dust Jewellery

All items c/o Delilah Dust
Feather wish bracelet // £3.50 // link
Moon bracelet // £2.50 // link
Mystic green aura quartz necklace // £7 // link
Silver spine necklace // £4 // link

I have seen Delilah Dust around a couple of times on blogs and I honestly don't think you'll find another jewellery shop online with such fair prices - these four items all only total to £17, usually a crystal necklace alone costs more than that!  I'm totally obsessed with moons at the moment so this bracelet is perfect for me, and I've not seen anything around like it so it's nice to have something different.  I love how all the jewellery is so delicate and is all sterling silver, perfect for wearing on its own for a simple finish to an outfit or layered up with other pieces for a statement impact!
love amy x

Tuesday 26 March 2013

REVIEW // YSL Shocking Mascara

YSL Shocking Mascara // £23.50 // link

The Yves Saint Laurent Shocking mascara has been my staple mascara for a long while now - this being my third tube so far.  My eyelashes are quite fair so something I look for in a mascara is good coverage.  I don't use eyelash curlers (out of pure laziness!) so my expectations for a mascara is to paint, curve and lengthen - and although it is a quality some people do look for in a mascara, I hate clumpiness!  I find it lasts all day without any smudging or flaking and personally find it comes off easily when I'm taking off my make up, but I've heard some people find it difficult to take it off completely so it may depend on type of cleanser (I use Clinique).  Overall I would rate it 9/10 in my knowledge of mascaras and judging against past mascaras I've had.  I hope you liked my attempt at a beauty post for my blog - I'm still quite new to the whole review thing but I'm going to keep trying!
love amy x

Monday 25 March 2013

Sunday Summary Week 97

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ Got a fringe put in, getting used to it!  2/ Oh My Love dress & Delilah Dust Necklace
3/ Lashes of London top & Missguided tights  4/ Gee's unfinished illustration of me!
5/ Adorable Delilah Dust packaging   6/ Boohoo skirt ootd
7/ Simply stripy ootd   8/ Photoshopped my hair purple at the ends
9/ Pro Hair Live show   10/ Hair model life!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to post this yesterday as I was doing shows at Pro Hair Live in Manchester so was without WiFi (oh the trauma!).  I have been a long hair model for Marc Antoni and had a really good time, I got to work with girls I've met before and become good friends with, as well as meet some new people!  I also got a full fringe which was a big change for me and I'm still getting used to it - but it's nice to mix things up a little and it will grow out, I'm just trying to keep that in mind!
love amy x

Friday 22 March 2013

WANT // BucketFeet Shoes

Cloud Walker Lace ups // £45 [link]
Tokeria Slip Ons // £45 [link]
Fat Sugar Lace ups // £45 [link]

I've never really been much of a trainers person - I've always preferred to wear boots or dolly shoes, but something about these shoes really appeal to me.  The quirky graphic prints are just awesome, especially the cloud design!  They're new to the UK - only being sold by Office so far, so check out the whole collection here!
love amy x
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