Thursday 29 November 2012


Gabby Sequin Dress* // Motel Rocks
Necklace // eBay
Frilly Lace Socks* // OASAP
Spiked Litas // Jeffrey Campbell
Rings // Rachel Sudlow, market stalls

I've featured this dress in a couple of posts now, featuring me wearing it at parties and the #MotelXmas event but I have now *finally* taken some proper outfit photos in it.  As I've mentioned before this is literally the perfect winter dress, tried and tested by yours truly.  Stick on a pair of sheer tights and you can hardly feel the cold when outside at a party, as the dress has a velvet base as well as being lined and obviously the long sleeves are a total bonus.  Some people might have kept it simple with minimal accessories but that's not my style, so obviously I teamed it with my Jeffrey Campbell spiked litas (which they are now selling on Motel Rocks!!) because they're awesome, and the frilly socks add a nice touch too.  

love amy x

Wednesday 28 November 2012

HAUL // Brand Village / LYCD

LYDC Fringe shoulder bag* // Brand Village
Top // ZARA
Leggings // Black Milk
Creepers // Underground

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely Kim about a sample from Brand Village.  Obviously I leaped at the opportunity and chose this gorgeous grey LYDC fringed shoulder bag and I love it.  You know the 'Mary Poppins' bags that everyone claims they have? This is one of them! I can literally fit everything in it and there are two compartments and a zip up pocket on the inside for storing keys and phones etc which I need because I am so rubbish with my phone.  All of my bags are either dainty little shoulder bags or big ass rucksacks so this was the perfect wardrobe addition and every girl should have one, and for £19.99 where can you go wrong?!
love amy x

Sunday 25 November 2012

Sunday Summary Week 80

instagram // amyvalentinex

1/ Photobooth pic from #MotelXmas   2/ Hot Chocolate cupcakes
3/ Tommy the cat   4/ Floripa hand stamp
5/ Tie dye shorts ootd   6/ Alex looking cute
7/ Won a Bohemian Collective giveaway!   8/ Ermagurd costa
9/ So many bon bons   10/ Furry vest ootd
11/ Kitty drawing   12/ College photoshoot
13/ Tom's birthday   14/ Brand Village bag ootd
15/ Another kitty!   16/ Me at Marc Antoni shoot!

So I kind of just had a panic attack and a half with the Black Milk cyber monday sale and accidentally bought three pairs of leggings, but its okay because only one pair are for me, one is for my friend for her birthday and the other is for another friend who didn't have enough in her account (brilliant right? =.= ).  I got the Call of Napoleon leggings and I am so ridiculously excited for them to come asdfghjkl.

Anyway, today I was a hair model for a photoshoot for Marc Antoni (as you can see from the last picture) and although it was mind-numbingly boring waiting around, they eventually got round to prepping me and thus that picture was created.  I really like how they did my hair, like a classic, Jessica Rabbit kind of style haha, so can't wait to receive the pictures to see how they all turned out!
love amy x

Saturday 24 November 2012


Top // Topshop
Tartan jeans* // DARKSIDE
Spiked Litas // Jeffrey Campbell
Cuff // eBay
Rings // Rachel Sudlow, market, eBay, Topman

This is literally the first time I've worn trousers in 5 years! I was unsure how to style them but I hope I did it right, I had to roll them up as they were a little big but I think it still looks good! What do you think? (:

love amy x

Friday 23 November 2012

#MotelXmas Blogger Party





[All photos taken by me except last one]

Outfit details:
Dress (worn as top)* // Motel Rocks
Skirt // Primark
Belt // old
Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell

So it's a bit late (try like 4 days) but I have finally filtered down my photos to put them into a post.  You may have seen a couple of posts floating around about the Motel Rocks #MotelXmas blogger party but I just had to share!  It was the first event I've ever been to other than Lily's blogger picnic and I honestly had an incredible time.  Everyone was so lovely and I actually made some friends!  I met Jess, Francesca and Stacey on the way and talked to a ton of bloggers while I was there, like Kim, Lyzi, Kirsti, Chelsea, Selina and a couple more which I can't think of off the top of my head (damn you, free bar!).  But anyway enough with the name dropping! There were a few cute little stands, including the Eyelure eyelash bar where I got my eyelashes done, a MyFace makeup stand, a Lee Stafford stand with Lee Stafford himself (!), a photobooth, a little table with Rock 'n' Rose jewellery and Jeffrey Campbells and of course, on the stage was the new Motel Rocks collection which was absolutely drop dead gorgeous!  My photos unfortunately aren't that good as it was dark but I'm in love with literally everything, especially the studded leather jackets, disco pant-alikes and of course nobody does a sequin dress better than Motel Rocks!  I had a fab time and I hope to go to more blogger events in the future, I've bought my ticket for #SWBXmas already so if you're going, see you there!
love amy x
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