Wednesday 30 March 2011

day 30: what has changed this month and what you hope happens next month

okay the title is really annoying me, i couldn't get it all on one line! this month started off pretty depressing, as me and my boyfriend broke up and i was finding it really hard to deal with, but then my friends were there for me and everything got a lot better, i guess i realised i wasn't as lonely as i thought!  i've found my old friends and made a few new ones and this one special guy (HAI IF YOURE READING) has cheered me up loads and is amazing and lovely, so i'm looking forward to the future, just got exams to go and i'm done!

this 30 day challenge has been rather annoying, i can imagine it must tick off readers sometimes but meh, it's all over now and i'm pretty proud of myself for actually finishing it, i've tried them before, on tumblr and stuff but never actually finished one, and i did them all on the right days too, didn't miss any! yay :D
love amy x

Tuesday 29 March 2011

day 29: a picture of yourself

me and my friend alex at a gathering last weekend(:
love amy x

Would You Wear : Cycling shorts?

not the american average (voorly remix) - asking alexandria

so i bought some lace cycling shorts today.  unusual i know but i've been seeing them around a lot frequently and figured i'd get in on the 'trend'? i have this pair of shorts which i love but show too much bum, so have to wear thick leggings underneath but cycling shorts mean that i can wear my shorts in the summer too, cause leggings will be too hot.  i'm not sure i'll be able to make them look as good as the photos but oh well, can't go wrong for £7 on ebay :D
love amy x

Monday 28 March 2011

day 28: the month you've been happiest this year

i think this month has actually been the best month this year.  the first few months were pretty crappy cause of my break up, but march has been pretty good :D if you're one of the whole 9 readers of my blog then you'll know i've met this guy and he's been really lovely to me so cheered me up a lot, really helped with all the stuff that's happened.  but yeah, hopefully there will be more good months to come! (:
love amy x

Sunday 27 March 2011

And I

the only somewhat decent photos of the ones taken.  i'm a rtard.
feeble attempt at an 'outfit post'.  basically all the blogs i follow do them, so guess people must take interest in them?  anyway, as you may be able to tell from the picture, i'm absolutely knackered! had a pretty late night last night but whev, hopefully i can keep going all of today then i'll go to bed early and not fall asleep during the day tomorrow!  but yeah, i bought these shorts in primark yesterday and looove them.  they were only £9!  i also got the american flag top that everyone has and some socks and feather headband thingy.  i'll probs feature them in future posts if i can be bothered.

so today was my mums birthday meal, we went to some prosh restaurant and i was practically falling asleep at the table, my bad.  but yuh, was alright, now i have a food baby.  i should probably be tidying my room and doing my homework right now but i have too short an attention span and i'm procrastinating like a boss.

must go play on my ds now, i think i'm having withdrawal symptoms. baaai
love amy x
ps. the title is a boxcar racer song, look it up!

day 27: talk about your siblings

well, this could be a potentially long post aha.  i have three brothers, two being blood and one being half, but i count him as full.  unfortunately, i am the eldest as well as being the only girl which means i'm stuck with being 'responsible' grr.  my oldest younger brother is called george, he's in year 9 and currently boarding at millfield school in somerset.  he got a scholarship cause he's really good at sports but it feels a bit weird not having him around.  my middle brother is called edward, he's in year 7 or 8, i'm not actually sure, but he has trouble without george, cause they used to always spend time together and he doesn't really have anyone now.  lastly we've got little fred, he's a product of my mums remarriage 2 years ago and he's currently nearly 8 months old.  i love him, but he's become a big limiting factor to my life which kinda sucks.  oh welllll
love amy x

Saturday 26 March 2011

day 26: your religious beliefs

i don't really have any religious beliefs.  technically i'm church of england because i was christened when i was little and i used to believe then but now i'm older i don't believe at all.  in my opinion, it's all impossible but i guess i'll count myself as agnostic.  if anyone shows me evidence of god or jesus i'll believe but otherwise, neh.
love amy x

Friday 25 March 2011

day 25: 10 ways to win your heart

1. be funny, that's the most important thing
2. good music taste (ie. the music i'm into)
3. honesty.
4. light on the cheesy stuff, save it for when it's best needed so it's special
5. get on well with my family
6. actually make an effort to see me etc
7. have the same interests as me
8. not acting different when with their friends
9. be able to get along with my friends
10. the occasional 'romantic' thing i guess?
love amy x

Thursday 24 March 2011

Tate Modern

today i went on my very last school trip before i leave!  we went to the tate modern gallery in london to research artists etc towards our art coursework.  some of the exhibitions there were amazing, some a little weird, and some could hardly be counted as art, for example, a shoe box in the middle of the floor..very confusing.  anyway, i took quite a few pictures so thought i'd share a few (:

1/ me in the classroom before we left
2/ a giant room, the grey on the floor is tiny handmade sunflower seeds (it's called ai wei wei)
3/ close up of said sunflower seeds
4/ gabriel orozco's art.  he collected disregarded tyres and car parts from the side of the roads in mexico and put them in one huge room, the puddles are the melted parts
5/ another gabriel orozco, a whole wall of just lines.  he drew the lines with a ruler and where the curve is he put his finger, so its called finger ruler aha, pretty cool though
6/ cy twombly, he gets drunk and throws paint around
7/ some LED thing, there were so many quotes and everything playing for ages, it was mesmerising!
8/ optical illusion by bridget riley
9/ we found a tiny light/mirror room and were taking random pictures
10/ me being a goonchild
11/ a street entertainer, pretty cool!
12/ my friend maria shaking his hand, she freaked out aha
13/ bridge?
14/ globe theatre

soooo there you go, sorry for the picture overload!
love amy x

day 24: things you want to say to 5 people

1. i knew the things you were saying, yet you lied to me the whole way through.
2. it's hard knowing that you've changed so much, it doesn't feel like we'll ever be the same again.
3. you had the nerve to smile at me after what happened. wow.
4. lol i can't believe that happened, oops.
5. fraaaiday!
love amy x

Wednesday 23 March 2011

day 23: something you always think 'what if?' about

i could honestly go on forever with this one.  i always think about where i would be now if things didn't happen.  i'm a believer in 'the butterfly effect' or whatever it's called where the tiniest things can make the biggest impacts.  i ponder on past relationships, friendships, arguments, everything.  for example, i always think about what would have happened if i hadn't moved schools, i would be in such a different place right now, with a completely different social circle and everything, it's really strange.  but yeah, there isn't really anything specific, but i'm always thinking about this sort of thing!
love amy x

Tuesday 22 March 2011

day 22: 10 things about you people don't expect

1/ i looove pokémon!  i'm a geek like that.  i know most of the names and the noises that the original pokémon made!
2/ my whole family is completely mad
3/ i'm quite flexible?
4/ i'm insanely superstitious
5/ i LIVE on junk food, i'm such an unhealthy eater
6/ i'm into some reeeaally heavy music
7/ i'm very scared of clowns
8/ i can play expert guitar on guitar hero
9/ i like all the FFUUU comics etc you find on tumblr/4chan/reddit
10/ altogether, just a major computer nerd hahaha
love amy x

Monday 21 March 2011

reading festival?!

i know i'm a little late posting this but aah the reading festival line up was released today! i'll admit it's not as good as the 2009/2010 lineup but hopefully some good acts will be added later.  i'm desperately hoping for a day to remember to play. i loooove them!  i was browsing through some of my folders and found some of the photos i took at reading 2009, they're not amazing but thought i'd share anyway(:

i'm so so excited about the rest of this year, i mean, i've got exams but they'll be over pretty quickly, then i've got prom, then summer! i want to get a summer job so that i can earn some money towards a car too.  then we have the festivals.  obviously i'm going to reading, then i'm going to guilfest for the weekend, and i know two of the bands playing there, then i might be going to underage and possibly rewind with the mother, just so i can see human league live!  then, although it will be the end of summer, i'm starting college! absolutely cannot wait!
1/enter shikari
2/oli sykes from bring me the horizon
3/crystal castles
4&5/bloc party
sorry for the picture overload!
love amy x

day 21: something you can't seem to get over

my ex? i don't know, when we first broke up i was a wreck, but now i'm feeling a lot better about the situation, i realised it was for the best, and that i can in fact deal well without him (:
love amy x

Sunday 20 March 2011

lazy sundays

this is what sunday has reduced me to.
don't get me wrong, i looove weekends but sundays have always just been dull.  i mean, you can't do anything 'cause buses don't run, then you can't go out at night because you have school the next day, grr.

anyway, today i've been attempting to clean out my room, especially under my bed as i just shove everything down there when i can't be bothered to put it away properly.  i managed to empty everything out, finding a few very random things, including some jeans i thought i had lost, an empty vodka bottle and skiing goggles (explains the picture above!).  but in the end i just shoved everything back under! i did, however, manage to dust everything and organise one of my bedside tables. achievement? i think so.

i've also been attempting to do homework, ict mostly.  we've been set this assignment which goes towards our gcse mark, we have to create a website, spreadsheet or database for a company.  we had the choice between a chocolate bar company, a local band or a boutique opening in the high street.  obviously i chose the boutique, and if i like the brand names etc. i might create the business in real life, as i'm closing down susanna valentine, as it's just got boring and bland, gonna create a whole new brand, with jewellery and clothing.  i'm pretty excited, but will probably only start up when i've finished my gcse's as i don't need any more on my plate!
love amy x

day 20: the last argument you had

i'm not really sure, i don't have arguments that often, i'm a pretty chilled person and don't get into fights a lot, so i have no idea.  it was probably this friday just gone when i was having a reeaally bad day and snapped on the phone to my dad 'cause he didn't collect my bags with my weekend clothes from mums house (so annoying having divorced parents sometimes!) but it wasn't really an argument, just my being grumpy i guess haha.
love amy x

Saturday 19 March 2011

day 19: something that always makes you feel better

hmm. well normally when i'm feeling sad i like hugs, especially from my mum.  i also loooove chocolate!  it's also good to have distractions, for example: when i broke with my long term relationship i was really lost because i had drifted from my friends a lot, so i tried talking to new people and going out more, it worked as it helped me take my mind off things and gave me something else to think about than him.  i also quite like going on walks with my huge skullcandy headphones.  yeah i look a bit silly, as they are so big, but i stopped caring after a while, the sound quality is incredible.  
also, it's sunny outside here! going to be a good day (:
love amy x


i've already posted this picture on the blog before, but i haven't posted a lookbook in a while.  hype me! :D also, happy comic relief day everyone, hope you all donated, i did(: just sucks that my school doesn't support it, all we got is some CAFOD lunch where they take away the hot lunches and just let you have bread roll and soup as an option, i don't even like soup unless it's chicken (of which they didn't have) so just had a bread roll, thus was absolutely ravenous and ate 11 chocolate digestives when i got home then went to my friend alex's house, was really fun :D  (cool story bro)
night night(:
love amy x

Friday 18 March 2011

day 18: disrespecting parents

i don't have long to post because i'm supposed to be round my friends house in like 45 mins but i need to go through with this 30 day post thing!  basically, people being disrespectful to their parents is one of my pet hates.  even in the worst of times i still have a high amount of respect for my parents.  one thing i hate is when kids shout at their parents.  yeah it happens but when kids are constantly disobedient and swear and stuff i can't stand it.  i could be having the worst day of my entire life and i would never ever swear at my parents.  what's the point in being disrespectful to the people that have brought you up, put a roof over your head, fed you, clothed you, educated you, everything.  i absolutely hate it!
anyway, must dash, byyeee!
love amy x

Thursday 17 March 2011

day 17: things that make you scared

wow, i'm scared of so many things!  first of all, spiders.  i HATE spiders with a passion, every time i see one i completely freak out.  i've got better, cause now i'm able to get close enough to them to catch them but i still get all jitterish.  i also am terrified of clowns, ugh they're just so sinister and disturbing!  i could go through all my fears like that but one of the things i'm most scared about is forgetting.  i am a hoarder, i keep everything with memories attached to it, because i'm scared of forgetting the past.  that's the reason i get all sad when people delete photos on facebook, because the pictures will eventually slip my mind completely and i will have forgotten about it.  i also have this thing about the number 13.  i'm mega superstitious so whenever i see the number 13 i automatically assume the worst, i scare myself sometimes! i overthink everything and get all worked up when actually, there's nothing to worry about.  anyway, i have like 12% battery on this laptop which is my dads so i need to finish up before it runs out, as he needs to use it and his chargers at work, oopsy!
love amy x

Wednesday 16 March 2011

wednesday want - week 1: stamp rugs?

on my previous blog, i normally featured clothing or accessories etc. but i have decided to feature other things now!  for example, these gorgeous stamp rugs!

56p Stamp Rug          50p Stamp Rug          62p Stamp Rug

i think they're all adorable, and a really clever idea.  unfortunately the price isn't shown anywhere on the website so i have a feeling they're pretty expensive! although, if you read the 'about us' page, the rugs are all handmade by skilled weavers in nepal, another reason why i reckon the price is probably quite high.  i just hope that when i'm older and have my own house i can afford one, i mean come on, they're just so cool!
love amy x

day 16: 3 things you're proud of about your personality

oh god, i don't know, i'm not good at these things!

1. i like my music taste? i know, obviously that i'm going to like the things i listen to (duh) but i like a whole range of different stuff, from metal to mainstream, to dubstep, to chiptune, good for relating to different people (:

2. my creativity.  i like how i can just pick up a pen and doodle anything, and i'm pretty good at making things, i think.  i love fun diy's and almost always have a project on the go (:

3. apparently i'm easy to talk to.  i guess this is kinda true, as i'm normally the one to start conversations etc but i don't really know! i'm not good at self flattery aha.

apologies for the somewhat weak post, i'm not really that self-confident..
love amy x

Tuesday 15 March 2011

day 15: the best thing to happen to you this week

well i've not really had much of a week really, considering it's only tuesday, but it's been alright so far i guess.  i'm talking to this really lovely guy at the moment who's cheered me up huge amounts since my big break up so that's pretty good.  i've also had most of my mock results back, most of which being A, apart from a B&C in classics and a C in maths (my weakest subject).  i'm happy with C's as at least i've passed etc. but i'm aiming to improve them to at least a B for my actual GCSE's.  so yeah, not that far into the week, but so far it's looking up (:
love amy x

Monday 14 March 2011

you must follow your heart

against the grain - city & colour (this is a nice song aha, it's what the title is)
so i had my art mock exam the other day, which is basically a whole day at school doing a sketch from life/finishing up any final pieces.  i decided for some reason to draw a ribcage, from the random model skeleton in the art block.  i didn't get to finish it, so i'll have to do the rest another time, but this is what it looks like so far, i'm quite pleased with it, (even though it's a tad emo haha) and i got 85% for it which is an A, so i'm pretty proud, as i came second highest in the class (highest was 87%, which is still an A)!  anyway, here are some pictures:
i don't know why the last image is so pixellated, it's really annoying me but i can't fix it!  you can click the images to make them bigger and less pixelly though.
bye for now!
love amy x

day 14: something disgusting you do

i'm not sure, i used to bite my nails really badly, like completely to the quick and they looked really skanky, but then mum made me get the proper acrylic ones so they're really nice now, and also because they don't bend like natural nails, nail varnish never chips!  it's so good, but it is annoying having to go and get them done at the salons, it's so mind-numbing and dull. soo yeah, thats pretty much it really (:
love amy x

Sunday 13 March 2011

invisible shoes?

romance is dead - parkway drive (it's heavy, just a warning!)

so i finally got twitter, check it out here.  i was just browsing and found we the urban's page and they had tweeted about some designer.  i checked out the link and found her website, then her products. her name is andrea chaves and she is the designer of possibly the coolest pair of shoes i've ever seen!  they are known as 'the invisible shoe' and you'll see why from the pictures.  they are made of mirrors at different planes and angles which reflect the floor surface so almost blend in with the floor, hence they look almost invisible.  all i know is, i'm in desperate need of a pair!
love amy x

day 13: a date you would like to go on

i'm not gonna lie, deep down i've always been a bit of a sucker for 'romance'.  my previous boyfriends haven't really ever been particularly romantic, it's hard, cause it can often turn out just insanely cheesy and cringey, but it can be done right.  i don't really know what my 'ideal' date would be, just something fun really.  i'm a bit traditional and that, so i just like walking really, and i would say that it would be cute to go into the woods but i would probably just freak out, maybe a nice park or something, or there are some gorgeous castle grounds in guildford too.  i don't know really, i also kinda wanna camp out one night too, set up a tent like the picture above and that would just be nice, but then you have the annoying aspects of camping, such as carrying so much stuff and no toilets or food and especially bugs, they stress me out so much!  i guess a den/inside tent (first picture) would also be kinda cute, but effort to put away etc. sooo yeah, i've not really answered this question properly, just kind of blabbed on about random stuff but ohhhh well, my bad.
love amy x

Saturday 12 March 2011

day 12: things you want to say to an ex

omg relationships again?? i actually have no idea, i have so many things i want to say to my ex, but i think the main thing would be: i wish you had tried harder.
i could go on and on about him, but i'm not going to, i've put him to the back of my mind and he is going to stay there, as i've actually been having a good few days so far and don't want to bring myself down again (:

love amy x

the future seemed so bright

so the mysterious topshop package is revealed! i bought american flag shorts.  the only size they had left was a 12 and i'm more of an 8-10 so they're actually quite big on me, but i love them, so i'll get over it.  they were quite expensive, at nearly £30 and aren't amazing quality but then again, none of my clothes are, i shop mostly in primark etc, which isn't really renowned for it's amazing quality clothes (and who's noticed that the prices are going up??) also, this photo is on tumblr here, i put it up just now and someones already reblogged it, so i have a little buzz of achievement at the moment aha, its very rare when people reblog my stuff d:

anyway, this weekend i am grounded unfortunately, but it's not as bad as it could be because i actually went to the gym today and i ordered pokemon black for nintendo ds the other day which arrived yesterday and so far i'm completely addicted, already got two of eight gym badges (not that most people will know what they are!) and my pokemon are nearly all level 20! ahh apologies for being a such a pokénerd!

lastly, i have a new favourite ~depressing song.  i first heard it when it was featured on radio 1 a few days ago and it's a generally lovely song, better than the original in my opinion, partly because there's no rap aha.  anyway, it's a cover of 'love the way you lie part 2' by skylar grey and you can listen to it below.  i really like her voice, and i can't wait for her album to come out, after hearing her in 'coming home' and 'i need a doctor'.

love amy x

Friday 11 March 2011

day 11: your current relationship status

ugggh why do all these questions have to have relationships involved!  as you may have read further down, me and my ex broke up on the 2nd of this month and i was absolutely devastated, not gonna lie.  however, i think i did most of the worrying and crying about the relationship while i was still actually with him, because i knew we were over.  now, i'm still upset about it, and i know i still love him but i've been spending more time with my friends lately, got back in touch with a few people and even made some new friends.  i've also started talking to this guy who's been so lovely to me this past week or so.  obviously it's too soon to start anything new, and i don't know him that well, but i dunno, i think he may be the kind of guy i see myself starting to like, he is into so much of the same stuff as me, we have insane amounts of things in common, and that's hard to do with me, considering i'm not really too 'mainstream' with my tastes in anything!  but yeah, i'm single, but at the moment, pretty happy (:
love amy x

Thursday 10 March 2011

keep singing now

so kinda random, but i need a post to split up these annoying 30 day challenge things.  i know most will probably not appreciate my music taste, as it's so diverse and a tad heavy, but it's my blog, so i'll post what i'm interested in :D
my friend alex showed me the song above yesterday and i looove it!  i've got back into all my heavy stuff at the moment and i know it's not a particularly happy genre but somehow it cheers me up in a strange way ahaha.  i'm a weird one.

also, today was my last mock! i'm so so soooo happy.  it was a 7 hour art exam where you had to do a drawing from real life.  i was originally going to draw my vintage cameras/gameboys/nintendo 64 controllers but finally decided on the model skeleton, focusing on the ribcage, i don't know why, but i'm just fascinated by it, i think skeletons are really beautiful, in a strange way.  i sound like a right emo kid ahahaha.

lastly, i know it's slightly random, but i actually had a nice day today.  since my break up it's not been too great but i'm handling it pretty well i think.  but what really cheered me up today, was being called 'gorgeous'.  my ex wasn't really one for things like that, and it was only an offhand text, saying 'well done gorgeous' cause i got an A in my art thingy, but i don't think i've ever been called gorgeous, especially from a guy, so it made me feel a little bit special and happy (:
anyway, that's enough excitement for one day~
love amy x

day 10: your views on drugs and alcohol

to be completely honest, i don't think there's anything wrong with drugs and alcohol.  i mean, yeah they can seriously dangerous in so many ways but also mean that you can have a really fun time and just forget about all your worries for a bit.  obviously, drugs are bad (mmkay) but i believe if you take them really rarely and in small amounts just for a good time it's okay (note, i am not a druggie, just sayin) but anything class A etc is soo far, that stuff is just scary and would screw you up big time. but yeah, alcohol is completely fine in my opinion and drugs are alright within reason.  but i guess there's a first time for everything?
this has been a (slightly dodgy?) post.
love amy x

Wednesday 9 March 2011

day 9: your last kiss

mine and my boyfriend after we'd broken up and were saying goodbye, our last kiss :(
hmm depresssionnn
love amy x

Tuesday 8 March 2011


the other day i had some parcels arrive for me!  the first was a topshop one, the contents of which i'll feature in a later post maybe, and the second was a little package from galibardy.  i ordered a double finger ring from them and it arrived so quickly!  i love it sooo much.  it may be a tad small and i can't move my fingers as much as i may want to but i don't care, it's so cool! :D
i've been doing a lot more art lately and might feature some of it on this blog, might as well, gives me more posts i guess, cause even though i have like, no readers, it's quite therapeutic just talking to myself, it's like having a diary which is prettier, on a screen! 
love amy x

day 8: something you are currently worrying about

wow, my blog seems to be revolving around the same things at the moment! the things i’m most worried about at the moment are my mocks, obviously, but my last one is the day after tomorrow, so it’s all good, however i do have classics, re and biology tomorrow, not looking forward to it! i’m also worried about my ex boyfriend (oh here we go!) and how i’m going to deal with life without having him around, it’s also gonna be so hard to watch him move on, especially as I’m going to the same college as him next year /: oh well, hopefully by then I’ll have recovered, in the mean time, just need to stick it out i guess
love amy x

Monday 7 March 2011

day 7: your opinion on cheating on people

obviously i think that cheating is bad and a really terrible thing to do.  the thing i hate most is when people blame it on the alcohol because it's not like it controls you, yeah it may influence your behaviour but you can still control yourself. i am being a tad hypocritical as i have in fact cheated before and it's hell and i regret it so much. i wasn't in a very serious relationship and it was just a kiss but that then led to a really long term relationship with the guy i kissed so i'm glad i did it, still doesn't make it right though!
love amy x

letters to god.

okay, so lately my friend phil introduced me to a band called boxcar racer.  they're not a recent band at all, in fact they're pretty old but i've never actually heard any of their stuff before.  if you like blink 182 then you'll definitely like this band as they are actually tom delongue's side band, and he is the vocals, so it's so similar.  their album (just called boxcar racer) is incredible, especially the song 'there is' but my all time favourite song is called 'letters to god', which you may have noticed is the title to this post.  the song is just generally really good and the lyrics are lovely, and, i don't know, they kind of relate to my current situation, just a little? but maybe that's just my interpretation.  anyway, do give it a listen, i think it's probably one of my all time favourite songs at the moment.  also listen out for the 'break' where the heavier guitar and drums kick in.  every time i hear that i get incredibly happy or even start crying, and if i'm walking i always so a little hop or skip when it gets to that part, aaah i just love it so much, cannot even express it! just listen to it!
love amy x

Sunday 6 March 2011

day 6: the person you like and why you like them

i don't really 'like' anyone at the moment.  i love my boyfriend. or rather, ex boyfriend as of last wednesday.  we were together for 1 year and 1 month but we hadn't been working out for about 2 months, so i decided to end it.  it was the hardest thing i've ever had to do but i can't tie him down, i've been feeling like a burden for so long and i needed to let him be his own person.  i know i'm only 16, so may not have an idea of love but i reckon i've found it.  i'm constantly thinking about him, to the extent where i can't properly concentrate on anything at all.  i regret breaking up with him so much, and i wish that he would want to sort things out but he doesn't want me anymore and i'll have to accept that.  it kills me to say all of this but it feels good to let it out.  i'm hoping that he'll realise that he loves me again and wants me back, but i don't think that's going to ever happen, so i need to stop being so naive and foolish.  i just miss him so much.
sorry for the depressing post, i promise the rest of my posts won't be like this!

love amy x

Saturday 5 March 2011

day 5: 5 things that annoy you about girls/boys


1. orange makeup, that awful bright pink lipstick and bad hair extensions
2. when they get all clingy with their boyfriends
3. two faced girls are just the worst
4. when they take pictures with their boobs hanging out, have some self respect
5. when they flirt with boys and know full well that they have a girlfriend

1. when they act different with you when they're with their mates
2. when they flirt with other girls even though they have a girlfriend
3. when they boast about what they've done with girls and objectify them
4. when they lead you on
5. when they lie to you to keep you happy, when they know they should tell you what's up

urrggh i'm in a bad mood now!
love amy x

Friday 4 March 2011

day 4: what you wear to bed

apologies for the bad quality photos!
i'm gonna be honest, i'm actually in love with my primark onesies.  i have one with blue stars, and one with leopard print and i actually live in them both, they're just so comfy and chill and so warm.  every day i come home from school and change into it, it's like wearing a cloud, literally cannot express my love for them.  if you don't have a onesie yet, i definitely definitely recommend buying one, at £8 from primark how can you go wrong??
love amy x

Thursday 3 March 2011

day 3: what kind of person attracts you?

well, to be honest, the first thing i notice about a guy is his hair and outfit etc, so i'll admit i'm shallow when it comes to appearance, i prefer boys with skinny jeans and long hair and they just have to be tall, with me being like 5' 9" or something, then a good body is a bonus!  but to be honest, i hate to sound cliché but it actually is on the inside what counts, i just want a guy who actually makes an effort, is genuinely lovely and who just makes me laugh! however, i wouldn't mind my own josh franceschi!
love amy x

Wednesday 2 March 2011

day 2: how have you changed in the past 2 years?

well, two years ago i would be 14.  i was one of the biggest wemo / wannabe scene kids ever (see above pictures!) honestly, it's embarassing, i'll tell you now, if i met old me i would probably punch her in the face. but looking back, i was completely happy with who i was, i didn't have to care about what people thought of me, gcse's or money or relationships, and clearly not about fashion.  i was completely content with where i was in life.  today everything is a different story.  i have so much worry and anxiety everywhere i look.  i'm having to juggle schoolwork, my social life, money, family and everything all at once and i'm just so under pressure! it doesn't help that i have so many insecurities about myself either. obviously i will have changed a lot over the past two years, some things for the better, some for the worse, but i do know that i have matured and my eyes have been opened to the adult world, which i'm really not looking forward to living in!
love amy x
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