Thursday 30 August 2012

Holiday Outfits!

Outfit 1 // sunglasses-ebay, top-boohoo, shorts-diy, bikini-primark, jelly sandals-juju
Outfit 2 // sunglasses-ebay, dress-topshop, bikini-primark, sandals-new look
Outfit 3 // sunglasses-camden, top-primark, shorts-diy, bikini-primark, jelly sandals-juju
Outfit 4 // sunglasses-ebay, dress-pull & bear, bikini-primark, sandals-ebay
Outfit 5 // sunglasses-camden, top-american apparel, bikini-n/a, skirt-zara, sandals-spain
Outfit 6 // top-topshop, hi-low skirt-miss selfridge,, shoes-topshop

This pictures were actually taken before I flew out to spain but I thought I'd share my holiday outfits with you guys! I packed waaay too many pairs of shoes but as the drake fags say; YOLO.  I'll try and take some outfit photos out here but we're not leaving the villa every day thus I'm not actually getting dressed, just lounging round the pool all day!
love amy x

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Sunday Summary Week 67

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ Double Freddie on the train (see the London eye?)   2/ Got ma nails did
3/ Unicorn onesie arrived   4/ Freddie in ice cream van
5/ Packing for Reading   6/ Polly being a dirty smoker
6/ Getting my hair done professionally   7/ Pink hair!
8/ Painted a t-shirt   9/ Gave in & bought an army jacket (£5 don't judge)
10/ Reading festival skyline   11/ Vintage shorts & jackets stall
12 & 13/ Sitting on bins watching Kaiser chiefs 'cause we're real classy gals

Sorry I'm a little late posting (3 days..!!) but I've been at Reading festival this weekend and I flew out to France on monday.  The internet out here isn't great but it's better than nothing, so hopefully I'll be able to keep posting regularly while I'm here.  I'll be working on my tan so prepare yourself for some super tanned outfit posts when I return to England!
love amy x

Tuesday 21 August 2012


 Metal collar // H&M [link]
'Glow stick' neon dress* // Lulu's [link]
Metal cuff // eBay
Inverted cross earring // Reading fest 2011
Shoes // eBay [link]
Rings // Rachael Sudlow [link], etsy, eBay, Thomas Sabo, Tatty Devine [link]

The only thing I don't like about this outfit is that I really wish I'd worn a belt with it! The photos were taken at my mums and because I've been living at my dads house more recently I left all my nice belts at his house, so I had to make do without.  I adore this dress, and I'm so disappointed at how badly my camera translates the colour of it.  It's a really bright neon pink but it doesn't come out as amazing on camera which sucks.  I bought these shoes off eBay and I'm not totally sure if  I like them that much.  I feel they were more of a novelty buy but I still wear them nevertheless!
love amy x

Monday 20 August 2012

Tribeca Shoes Haul!

Lola black spiked boots* // £35 Tribeca Shoes [link]
I was sent these shoes and you'll have seen them on my instagram if you follow me because I am totally head over heels in love with them!  I couldn't wait to show you guys so I had to take some photos before featuring them in an outfit post (which I will do very soon!).  They're dupes of the Jeffrey Campbell spiked Lita's which, let's be honest, I'm never going to be able to afford with the crappy £5.25 I get an hour at my job so at £35 these shoes aren't going to break the bank!  I was actually very surprised at the quality.  At the price they're asking I didn't think they were going to be particularly amazing, as many of the spiked dupes I've seen on the blogosphere haven't been very good, but these are a great height, they feel sturdy, I find them easy to walk in, the leather doesn't look plasticky or flimsy, it doesn't smell like the handbag section in Primark (!) and the spikes don't look crappy, they are actual extended spikes rather than the plain cone studs with I like.  Another bonus is the Louboutin-esque red sole which makes the shoes that much more badass! I'd definitely recommend having a look on the Tribeca Shoes website here as their prices are awesome and the shoes are all absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful!
love amy x

Sunday 19 August 2012

Sunday Summary Week 66

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ My Tribeca shoes arrived!   2/ Cookie crumble frappuchino
3/ Plait day   4/ New primark My Little Pony tee!
4/ Car that was randomly on my drive   5/ Vintage cake house
5/ Admiring my new shoes   6/ Iced mocha
7/ Rilakkuma case   8/ Boohoo shirt
9/ Practising makeup for Reading fest!   10/ Dazed & Confused
11/ Empty fridge   12/ Styling for Reading

I am absolutely ECSTATIC for Reading! I'm packing tomorrow ready to brave the campsites.  I still need to decide what to wear though, decisions decisions! Next weeks Sunday Summary may be either late or non-existant as I'm going straight from Reading on the plane to France so will probably not have time.  If you see me at the festival come say hi!
love amy x

Saturday 18 August 2012

TRENDING : Metal Hardware

Anything that's hard and very shiny seems to be extremely hot right now.  I actually own two things on this list, the H&M peter pan necklace and the silver chain cuff, but I'm really lusting after the many other beauties in H&M at the moment and I'm thinking about ankle cuffs but I don't know if they'd suit me or if they'd just look a bit strange!  This kind of simple, minimalistic really reminds me of Ivania's blog Love Aesthetics as all of her jewellery rotates around this style as well as incorporating clear perspex as well, which is just awesome.  What do you think of the high shine metal trend?
love amy x
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