Thursday 31 May 2012

New eBay items!

Been clearing out my stuff recently and have listed some on ebay.  Click on each image to go to the listing or click here to see all of my listings.  I'm sad to see it all go but it all is either too big/small for me or I just don't wear it! I'd love for you to check it out (:
love amy x

Monday 28 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 54

1/ Got some AA disco pants!  2/ Lime crime  3/ Selling some Topshop earrings & more here  4/ Crochet presents from mumma
5/ Sunny days  6/ This is tha lyfff~  7/ Freddie & cushions, he loved it!  8/ Freddie & lunch (and Ice Age)
9/ Tie dye leggings  10/ White sharpie?!  11/ Packing up shop orders  12/ Work uniform
13/ Strawberry Lemonade  14/ Freed 3-day-topknot hair  15/ Milkshake & galaxies  16/ Farmer Freddie!

Lots of pictures of my baby brother this week! His new obsession is Ice Age and I must have watched it literally like 20 times AT LEAST these past few days.  As I said in my previous post I've been so busy with work lately it feels like I've hardly been at home, despite having lounged around for days on end.

I'm currently compiling a car playlist for my roadtrip on Tuesday (mentioned in last post) and have got a few good songs but need more! Any of you have any ideas for songs to put on the playlist? (of course Bohemian Rhapsody is already on there!) Hope you all had good weekends (:
love amy x

Sunday 27 May 2012

Friday the twenty-fifth of May

Instagram - amyvalentinex
I was going to post this on the day but my phone wasn't connecting to my computer properly and I've been away from home/super busy all weekend.  Since starting my new job at Next last saturday I've done four shifts, which is a ton of overtime, totalling 16 hours, and considering I'm only contracted to work 3 hours a weekend that's a lot; made £84 in just over a week which I'm proud of myself for!

My friend Loulie passed her test on friday so me, her and Polly are all going on a road trip on Tuesday to celebrate the end of exams, and will be spending a couple of days at Polly's dad's house in Bedford which should hopefully be fun!
love amy x

Thursday 24 May 2012

Fifi Lapin

The lovely Lily had a giveaway on her blog, Red Brick Lipstick the other week for an Iconemesis phone case so obviously I entered, thinking I probably won't win it, then after I received an email saying that I was one of two winners! It arrived a few days after and I'm honestly in love with it.  It looks so much nicer on my white iPhone than the drop dead one I had on it previously (not that I still don't love the kitty) and it feels sturdy and is smooth to hold.  If you're an iPhone owner I would definitely check out the Iconemesis website here as they have some absolutely gorgeous cases, all created by popular graphic designers!  And if you want to get the teacup case, the listing is here!
love amy x

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Lime Crime D'Lilac Opaque Lipstick

I've wanted a Lime Crime lipstick for what seems like forever and after seeing the Redrock editorial with the blue lipstick I just had to buy one! I was going to buy one of the nude or pink shades, but you can find them anywhere, so I went with the gorgeous lavendar colour, D'Lilac, as it's more of an uncommon colour!  The lipstick is gorgeous and is so pigmented, really creamy, completely opaque and easy to apply.  I wore it yesterday and it lasted a couple of hours before I needed to reapply.  The good thing is that instead of going all skanky, it actually fades into a sort of brighter magenta which is weird, but a nice colour nevertheless!  I'm so happy with the lipstick, I will definitely be wearing it out all the time and I would recommend it to anyone!
love amy x

Sunday 20 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 53

1/ Brushed & unbrushed hair!   2/ Freddie at Pizza Express, awh   3/ Dyed my hair pastel pink   4/ Picture from my grandparent's wedding
5/ Carton with a moustache!   6/ New cross earring   7/ New issue of Company   8/ Got my nails done a beetle green colour
9/ Revision ):   10/ Won this dress on ebay   11/ Cookie om nom   12/ Found a childhood photo of me, awhh
13/ Nutella & marshmallow toast!   14/ Fairylight mirror   15/ My room   16/ Won a Fifi Lapin phone case!

I saw American Pie this week and it's so good! Then I had exams on thursday and friday, then another tomorrow and I'm done, love having two coursework subjects sometimes!  I feel totally unprepared for my business exam tomorrow and am absolutely screwed, yet I'm sitting here writing a blog post which probably isn't very good use of my time. Anyway, I'm off to cram so good luck to anyone experiencing exams at the moment!

love amy x

Saturday 19 May 2012

IRIDESCENT Vintage Leather Satchel

I've decided recently that IRIDESCENT needs a bit of a revamp and looking at all the vintage boutiques around the internet lately I've been interested in that.  The other day I found a gorgeous real leather vintage satchel, exactly on trend and I'm selling it for the extremely low price of £49.99!  It's large so will fit books and laptops in with plenty of room and is of a very high quality with no signs of wear.  Click here to see the listing.  I've brought in a few vintage items lately and will be listing them all after I've photographed them so I'm really excited!
love amy x

Friday 18 May 2012

Spotlight: REDROCK

Isn't the REDROCK lookbook totally awesome! I've known about their shop for a little while now and wanted to just spread the word to you guys! I'm totally loving the whole vintage renewal thing and the variety of items on REDROCK is just awesome, from quirky vintage bags to nu-punk spiked detached collars, they have everything for the vintage lover.  Check out the website here.  My favourite items have got to be the studded pastel pink velour dress here, cropped acid tee here and blue spiked collar shirt here! What do you think of the brand? Which items are your favourite?
love amy x

Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 52 - 1 YEAR!

1/ Bought some yin yang leggings   2/ Wing ear cuff, soon to be added to my shop!   3/ Little present for my friend's birthday 
4/ Cleaners had fun stacking my toys haha   5/ New american flag knit   6/ I got a car!
7/ Boyfriend ruined his phone   8/ Robin Reliant!   9/ Smoking boyfriend
10/ Rosy cheeks    11/ Pokewii   12/ Added a vintage satchel to my shop here

Things I loved this week:
1/ This post featuring some incredible paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay
2/ The texts from my dog page is so funny! See here.
3/ Loving the song Youth by Daughter, listen here.

Week 52, that's a whole year of Sunday Summaries, I can't believe it's been that long!  I've loved making this post each week and your comments are always so lovely, so thank you!

I'm now on study leave and have 3 exams coming up, and I'm starting my new job this saturday which is a little scary!  Today I've been listing a ton of stuff on ebay, it's all my dad's girlfriend's stuff so not really the latest fashions but take a look anyway, you never know what you might like!  See my ebay here.
love amy x

Friday 11 May 2012

I got a car!?

I turned 17 in October and have been having lessons since then, and the other day my instructor said that I was ready to put in for my driving test, unfortunately the soonest space I could get is in mid july, yep.  Anyway, my dad said that after I got really good GCSE results last year he would give me £2000 for a car, which I think is really generous.  There was a Blackbushe car auction today and my dad said he'd go, but mainly to have a look, and wasn't promising anything, next thing I know I receive an email with a picture and find out he'd actually bought me a car!  It's a 2005 Nissan Micra with a good mileage and I've absolutely fallen in love with it!  It's the car I've wanted for ages and it's surprisingly really spacious inside and I can't wait to pass my test.

There was a little bit of a shenanigan when I got home though; my dad being all daddish put the keys in the ignition all ready for me to get in when I arrived home from college so I could have a play with the car, and didn't realise the car had an auto-lock function.  To cut a long story short he had to pay a locksmith like £115 to come over and basically break into my car for me which was totally weird so congrats to my father for reaching a new level of brilliant, but most of all, welcome to the family little Micra, I hope we have many adventures together!
love amy x

Wednesday 9 May 2012


Top c/o Sugarlips Apparel
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Creepers: Underground

Not posted a look in a little while and I want to be posting at least once a month!  I received this top from Sugarlips Apparel and I absolutely adore it.  The quality is amazing and it's so easy to wear, goes with everything!  I made the shorts and they are up for sale in my shop.  I'd love to know what you think of the look so feel free to leave a comment!
love amy x

Monday 7 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 51

1/ Sunset   2/ Raincoat   3/ Went to see the Avengers   4/ Outfit
5/ New shoes!   6/ Shoe gems   7/ Knitted jumper from my boyfriend   8/ Mini jewellery haul
9/ Moved house   10/ Saw Of Mice & Men!   11/ Made a dreamcatcher necklace, soon to be added to my shop!   12/ Bought a new outfit
13/ Party outfit   14/ Me with curly hair!   15/ Got a Links of London TEAM GB bracelet   16/ Dyed half my hair half pink

This week has been awesome! On monday it was me and my boyfriends one year so he took me out to dinner and we went to see The Avengers at the cinema and it's honestly one of the best films I've ever seen, would recommend it to anyone!  It was a really great night and I'm so happy we're still going strong!

My dad moved house at the end of last month and I got to see it this week.  It's a gorgeous house in Hartley Whitney and it's got that kitsch, shabby chic style and I love it!  It's got a little cottage actually in the back garden which is cool, and you can see that in picture number 9, it's really cute.

I had a plan for literally every day of the weekend which was so hectic.  On friday I went to see my favourite band at the moment called Of Mice & Men and they were incredible, then saturday a friend had an 18th party which was crazy.  I had work induction on Sunday morning and as of the 19th I will be officially employed! It's as a sales assistant in Next so nothing big but a job's a job!  I had another party Sunday night as my friend's parents were going out and the house was absolutely trashed, nevertheless it was a good time and I was absolutely knackered this morning, but managed to muster up the energy to go to my friends birthday gathering.

I've completely rambled on this post but I'd like to finish off by apologising for the day late post, I didn't go home for most of the weekend so I didn't have a chance to post on sunday, thus was born the monday summary, my bad!
love amy x

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Neon Nails!

I went to the salon to get my nails done as they were getting totally out of hand, and were hideously grown out, and I'm loving the neon nails trend at the moment so went with a bright pink!  It's completely different to the colours I usually go for, as I prefer neutral tones or blacks, but this colour adds a little pop to all of my outfits and I'm really tempted to buy a ton more neon colours!
love amy x
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