Tuesday 28 February 2012

Nishika N8000

I'm a little late blogging about it but better late than never!  A little while ago I bought the Nishika N8000 camera on eBay after seeing these awesome GIFs!  They're like a rotating freeze frame and I really wanted to be able to create some of my own.  Luckily, this ties in perfectly with my current photography project at college so I'm so excited about how the pictures turn out, I'll be sure to post them on here when I get them developed!
love amy x

Monday 27 February 2012

In Ashes

I'm no music photographer but thought I'd share some of the photos I took at a gig yesterday.  The band is Wake The Dreamers, and my boyfriend is the vocalist.  They're relatively new to the scene so this was their third gig and for a band that's so new, in my opinion they're so good!  Do make sure to check out their song 'In Ashes' it's free to download and if you're into heavy music you definitely won't be disappointed!
love amy x

Sunday 26 February 2012

Sunday Summary Week 41

1/ New ring
2/ Sweetpea & Faye parcel came! (post to come)
3/ Energy Drink
4/ Train tracks
5/ Woodland
6/ Pancake day (fail)
7/ Painted my nails!
8/ Tried the new dairy milk bubble bar, bigger than I expected!
9/ Held a hawk
10/ Sunny weather
11/ Party outfit
12/ Me & the boyfriend (:
13/ Outfit of the day
14/ My face, on the way to Wake the Dreamer's gig
15/ Gig ticket
16/ My boyfriend, the vocalist of WTD

Back at college this week unfortunately.  Nevertheless I've still been super busy with both college work, my business, my blog and social life.  This weekend has been so hectic, with going to my friends house on friday, to party on saturday, then I went to a gig tonight.  As much as I love my friends to pieces, I've got no time for working anymore! I need to get my head down and start to concentrate more *sigh*

love amy x

Saturday 25 February 2012

postcards and polaroids

Randomly at my friend Polly's house at the moment which is a little weird, but when I came back from France I had a ton of parcels from eBay and thought I'd share them with you.  The yin yang ring is actually from Etsy and it's vintage, it cost me £10 and I'm so happy with it despite the fact it's a little big for me.  The gorgeous handknitted jumper is so warm and a lot of effort and love was put into it and I got it for just 99p! I feel kinda bad as it would have cost so much more to make purely for wool but that's life. Lastly the vintage purple corset also cost me 99p and it actually fits me so well, however I am debating whether to put it up for sale on my shop though.
What do you think of my buys? (:
love amy x

Thursday 23 February 2012

Blog Birthday!

One year ago today I published the first post to this blog.  I was sixteen and just some random troubled teenager looking for somewhere to publish their emotions.  At the time I was panicking over my GCSE's and coming out of a relationship of 13 months with my ex which was so tough.  I feel that I've grown as a person so much over the past year;  I've finished my exams, which I did well in, dumped my douchebag of an ex boyfriend, started college, started up my new business, made a ton of new friends and fallen in love with a boy named Alex.  I think I have gotten more self confident and my blog is partly to thank for that.

Enough about me though, I am only here because of all of you.  You've been so supportive of me and without you guys I'd be nothing. There's been 440 blog followers, 646 lookbook fans, 340 twitter followers and a whole 268 posts! I put so much hard work into my blog and it really does feel worthwhile when I receive your lovely compliments and thoughts.
Thank you, all 440 of you! (:
love amy x

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Courchevel 2

Second set of skiing photos!
love amy x

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Courchevel 1

Most of you will probably know I went skiing in France with my boyfriend last week with the amount that I've been going on about it (sorry!) and I've finally got round to editing all the pictures. I didn't want to overload too much so I'm splitting the pictures into two different posts, the second I'll probably post tomorrow.  We went skiing in Courchevel in the Alps and it was so amazing.  I've always wanted to holiday with my boyfriend and I had so much fun, and I feel I've improved my skiing a bit!  I couldn't have asked for a better week & wish I could go back.  Now I'm just back in boring old england drowning in shedloads of college work I was supposed to do, brilliant.
Oh, and happy pancake day!
love amy x

Monday 20 February 2012


One of the photos from when it was snowing the other week, filler post I know but I'm procrastinating hehe.  This is of course a picture of my boyfriend Alex, which you probably know from the amount of pictures I've posted of him lately!
love amy x

Sunday Summary Week 40

1/ The alps!
2/ Me looking like a tard in my ski gear
3/ BN biscuit
4/ Red bull in the pub
5/ Polaroid of me & Alex
6/ Blood on my skis cause I'm br00tal
7/ Fireworks!
8/ Addicted to the Toco hairdressing app
9/ Fairy lights
10/ Pretty french rizla & baccy, still disapprove of smoking though!
11/ Ski museum
12/ The boyfriend
13/ Alex in the Antilife hat I got him for valentines day
14/ Huge sweet market
15/ Yin yang ring I treated myself to
16/ New camera! (post later)

So this is a pretty hectic sunday summary! I've taken an obscene amount of pictures this week so it was hard to whittle it down to a reasonable number.  If you follow me on twitter you'll know I went to Courchevel in France to ski with my boyfriend, Alex, and his family. I had a truly amazing week and thankfully did not injure myself, which is good seeing as I didn't actually have any health insurance!  I'll post some of the pictures tomorrow maybe.

I have eventually decided to follow the crowd and make an instagram account.  My username is amyvalentinex if you want to follow me.  I'm still pretty new to it so let me know your usernames in the comments and I'll check out your profile! (:
love amy x

Sunday 19 February 2012

If we could have our time again

I started a new photography project at college before half term and because I've been in France I haven't been able to do much but I have managed to do one shoot. It's pretty stereotypical photography, especially with the whole eyes theme but I'm hoping to develop my project into GIFS and maybe stop motion movies, for a different take on the theme, so I'll update you on my progress!
love amy x

Sunday 12 February 2012

Sunday Summary Week 39

1/ Being all ~arty with my rings
2/ Experimenting with eye makeup!
3/ Noodles my brother made me for dinner
4/ Me and Freddie, awwwhh
5/ New shirt I got from Zara (haul post still to come)
6/ Dyed my hair silver, went kinda pinky!
7/ Being vain
8/ Relentless can in the sun, preeetty
9/ Taught my friend how to watercolour...haha
10/ Snow again!
11/ Magazines PERFECTLY organised in a french supermarket
12/ Luxury hot chocolate, NOM

Things I loved this week:
1/ Loving Lucy's blog, LULUTRIXABELLE!
2/ These mindblowing pokemon conspiracy theories!
3/ Love these gorgeous rucksacks, shame about the high price!

So from my last post you'll know I'm currently in France with my boyfriend, Alex.  It's so nice here and I can't wait to hit the slopes! I organised my ski stuff yesterday so I'm really excited.  I'm staying in my boyfriend's apartment which is sooo nice and warm and cosy.  I'm looking forward to how the week goes on as I've always wanted to go on a holiday with my boyfriend!
love amy x

Tuesday 7 February 2012


If you follow me on Twitter or saw my last Sunday Summary you'll know that last week I got myself some creepers!  My £130 Topshop giftcard sold on eBay so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some as I've been lusting after them for so long.  I bought them for £85 from the Office website here.  I could have got them cheaper on eBay but I wanted them ASAP and the reassurance that they were real and that I could return them if I didn't like them that much.  They arrived within a few days and I'm absolutely over the moon with them.   At first they were pretty hard to wear but I've now established that they really go with anything so they're so easy to wear.  They do feel pretty weird to walk in at first but you get used to it, however I wouldn't advise them for the weather we've been having lately, they have absolutely no grip on the sole and you have to be so careful or you'll be slipping up all over the place!
love amy x
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