Monday 25 June 2012

Rhyme & Reason

Top // Boohoo
Creepers // Underground
Tie dye socks // eBay
Sunglasses // Prada
Metal cuff // eBay
Ring, necklace & earring // IRIDESCENT

I've seen a load of these sorts of pictures on tumblr and thought I'd try one out for myself! I recently bought this drop arm tee off Boohoo and absolutely love it.  It's a copy of one of the UNIF tanks like this one here and is £50 less than than the real thing!  I made the shorts myself and they are actually on my shop right now.  There is a studded cross on one of the bum pockets but I thought it'd be a little too much considering there's a cross on the earring and the tee! My creepers are there because I wear them every day and I loooove my tie dye socks so I couldn't not put them in there.  What do you think of the outfit? (:
love amy x

Sunday Summary Week 58

Strawberries & ice cream for breakfast!  2/ Sunglasses  3/ Friend gave me a windmill
4/ New shirt  5/ Om nom Domino's  6/ Purple thigh socks with toe hole ):
7/ Boyf & Dog  8/ New shoes!  9/ Ice cream with bubblegum sauce
10/ New eBay find  11/ Ed doing media  12/ Hair looking all cute
13/ I'm crap at bread  14/ Pretty sitting spot  15/ Late night car journeys

Yeah I left my summary too late again *facepalm*.  My boyfriend left to go to Spain for a week on saturday and I miss him so much already! Sounds pathetic but I get a goodnight text every night and I can't get one now because of overseas charges, phone bills would be ridiculous, so I've been a little down, but life goes on; I'll see him soon!  I didn't go home at all this weekend, thus I did absolutely no college work which isn't great but I guess you can't have everything!
love amy x

Thursday 21 June 2012


It took me a while but I studded this gorgeous Armani buttermilk leather jacket and absolutely love it, so don't really want to sell it, but if you love something you'll let it go!  The jacket is around a size 10 and looks gorgeous on, and is £60, which is a bargain considering it's vintage Armani! See the listing here.
love amy x

Monday 18 June 2012


Jumper - The Sweater Shop (via my boyfriend)
Shorts - Made by me
Tights - Primark
Bag - Grafea

So I'm always entering facebook giveaways without ever thinking much of them but the other day I got a message from Grafea saying that I had won a rucksack! It arrived so quickly and I absolutely love it! It's the NAVY model and is a gorgeous dark brown colour so perfect for college.  I couldn't believe the RRP is £110, but the item is of such a great quality that the price is totally accurate.  There are so many tiny details such as the traditional buckles, many pockets, shoulder pads, even down to the little Grafea stamp on the front.  I'm honestly so happy with the bag and strongly recommend you check out the Grafea shop here!
love amy x

Sunday Summary Week 57

instagram - amyvalentinex

1/ New hair!  2/ Unicorn plait  3/ Polly cutting onions with bread in her mouth..appaz it helps  4/ Made my dad marzipan fruits
5/ Filled the bath with party balls BECAUSE I CAN  6/ Rainbow!  7/ New ELA tee  8/ Studded a jacket for the shop
9/ Me + boyfwen  10/ Curly hurr  11/ Faded mermaid hair  12/ Freddie lovin' the party balls
13/ Huge bear/dog/horse  14/ Awesome hamburger cake  15/ Pool + hut lunch in  16/ Chillin' in the sun with cider

I really need to stop making these posts so late! Most of the time they actually get posted in the early hours of Monday and that just is not good, especially as I'm back at college now.  As you can see I dyed my hair pink, purple and blue and on one hand I love it and on the other I can't wait for it to fade out as I already miss my platinum blonde, plus the pink is totally uneven because the dye ran out halfway..awkward.  Anyway, as I said back at college and I'm aiming for a fresh start.  I've received new briefs for my subjects, ie photography, graphics and I've been told about a study I need to do for english and it's all so overwhelming already!  I'm still in the holiday mindset and am finding it hard to escape it right now, I just keep forgetting completely that I actually have to sit down at my computer and do things other than click on the facebook, blogger and twitter icons, sucks!
love amy x

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Unicorn Farts

I can't remember where I found out about this brand, but as soon as I saw a lipbalm named Unicorn Farts I just had to buy some!  It's from a little Etsy shop called Long Winter Soap co. and it honestly smells amazing, it has natural beeswax, unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, jojoba, sweet almond, and grape seed oils, vitamin E, and flavor oil in it and the texture is so creamy and lovely, definitely a £2.50 well spent.  I actually bought four, as I thought my mum might want one, and the other two would make good presents! I would definitely recommend checking out the Long Winter Soap co. shop here and the listing for the Unicorn Farts lipbalm is here!
love amy x

Monday 11 June 2012

Minty nails

Rings - Tatty Devine & Delilah Dust
I went to get my nails done today and thought I'd show you the colour! It's a complete contrast from the neon nails I had a little while ago but I do love the pastel trend so decided to go for something different.  I also won a Delilah Dust giveaway recently on Megan's blog Velvet Bows so I was over the moon, as the jewellery has been all over the blogosphere as of late!  I got the double ring set and can wear one as a normal ring and the other as a knuckle ring which are really trending lately so I think that's pretty cool.  My other ring I bought ages ago from a Tatty Devine stand at the Clothes Show Live, it's a mirror and I don't wear it as often as some of my other rings but I still love it!
love amy x

Sunday Summary Week 56

1/ Outfit!   2/ My granddad's phone case haha   3/ Posey cat   4/ New metal peter pan choker

5/ Beef sushi   6/ Diamond Jubilee mug   7/ Won a Grafea giveaway!   8/ Polly lookin' cool with her brown hair
9/ Launderette   10/ Freddie on coke (haha)   11/ I'm rich!    12/ Dyed my hair pink, purple & blue (photo's soon!)
13/ Me & boyf bein cute   14/ Weenie percy pig   15/ New lace dress, ebay find!   16/ Mummy made cupcakes

I've actually had a really good week, this was my 3rd week off from college and I go back tomorrow to start A2 which is good, because it means I get a clean slate and I can drop Business Studies and start studying Psychology!  I'm really interested in the subject and would love to learn it.  Have any of you studied it as an AS? What's it like?

I dyed my hair pink, purple and blue today and it looks good apart from we ran out of pink dye when doing my top layers so it's a little uneven! I'll post some pictures soon to show you guys.  I also dyed my friend Polly's hair brown (it was ginger before) and it looks really good!
love amy x

Wednesday 6 June 2012

How to wear: Pastel hair!

So the other day while I was creepin' on Steph & Melissa's youtube channel thefashioncitizen I stumbled across this video, where Melissa styles a lilac wig with a few outfits and I loved them so much I had to share.  These images are just screenshots of the video so may not be prime quality but I strongly urge watching the video.  The 3 combinations work so well and makes me want lilac hair so bad!

I ordered a pastel pink & some lilac dye the other day and can't think of a way to combine them both in my hair, any ideas? I've had a few people suggesting that I could do the pink fading into purple dip dye etc but I'm not as keen on dip dye as it's so overdone in my opinion, so any other ideas?
love amy x

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Junk & Disorderly

I've been wanting a spiked friendship bracelet for a while and couldn't justify paying the Urban Outfitters asking price for one, then I found the online store Junk & Disorderly and I fell in love with all of their stuff!  I bought one of the Frenemies bracelets which are actually all sold out now, and I really wanted a pastel coloured one and this fit the bill perfectly.  I follow Rosie (the owner) on twitter (here) and got a 10% off discount code and the shipping is free so I got it for £7.20 and I think it's totally worth it.  I would definitely recommend taking a look at the shop as there's a whole load of other gorgeous bracelets on there, my favourites being the above knuckle ring and the chain spike bracelet!
love amy x

Sunday 3 June 2012

Sunday Summary Week 55

1/ Fab lolly omnomnom  2/ Alex playing with Freddie  3/ Pretty Amethyst
4/ Trashed the room..oops  5/ Junk & Disorderly package!  6/ Freddie & Burger King, awhhh
7/ Lunch break Mcflurry  8/ Random picture from the party last night  9/ ELA tees, which do I get??

I'm currently at my boyfriends house watching Lord of the Rings against my will, so thus I decided to write a sunday summary! My day hasn't been particularly Jubilee-ish if I'm totally honest, but I'm going to Brighton tomorrow with my Dad so hopefully that should be fun.  I went driving in my car today for the first time and I'm so happy with it, it's so smooth to drive and I cannot wait to be driving properly!

Lastly, if you see the last picture, I can't decide which tee to get from the Exit Left Apparel website, this one or this one? Would really appreciate if you could leave a comment, thanks!
love amy x

Saturday 2 June 2012


If you're a follower of my Twitter or Instagram (amyvalentinex) you'll know that I went on a roadtrip this week with my two friends Polly & Loulie.  We went to stay at Polly's dads house in Raunds, Bedford and I had an awesome time.  Polly's dad is a totally awesome cook so I was so well fed and I got a little bit inappropriately drunk every night..oops.  The slightly random crossing photos are relevant - that crossing is actually the smallest pedestrian crossing in the UK so we had to do a Beetles/Abbey Road style photo which just turned out totally awkward.  It was such a great trip, and as soon as I pass my test we're all going to Manchester, woo!
love amy x

Friday 1 June 2012

10% off your IRIDESCENT order this weekend!

I've been wanting to put out a discount code for my shop for a while and figured that this weekend was the time to do it! use the code GODSAVETHEQUEEN for 10% off your IRIDESCENT order, shop now here!
love amy x
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