Sunday Summary Week 188


1/ Cosy jumper selfie  2/ Gorgeous new Shore Projects watch
3/ Special SANE Christmas package! (links)  4/ Found some old webcam photos

Today I'm feeling good because the Christmas holidays are nearly here - two more days and I'm off work 'til January - very different to the past couple of years where I've been working in a crappy retail job!  This hopefully means clearing out my inbox, getting lots of posts ready, applying to uni (and perhaps falling into another AHS hole - just watched ep 1 of Asylum and it's so good!) - what will you guys be doing over the Christmas holidays?

Last Minute Christmas Gift: Daniel Wellington



I'm terrible for leaving everything to the last minute, including Christmas gifts, and I know I can't be the only one!  That's why I'm here to help you guys out - I meant to do a complete Christmas gift guide like I did last year, but unfortunately work got in the way and of course, my blog suffered.

Anyway, onto the watch!  If you watched my latest haul you will have heard me gush about my DW - I just think they're the height of minimalistic elegance, such high quality whilst keeping the price affordable - the perfect gift for the special man or lady in your life!

You can use the discount code 'avalentine' for 15% off and the last chance to order for it to arrive before Christmas is Monday 22nd at 11am GMT, but the code runs until December 30th if you're looking to buy one with your Christmas spends! Shop Daniel Wellington here!

Fashion Favourites // November 2014


I'm currently wishlist building around everyone's outfit posts, something I always find myself doing - you bloggers are enablers, I tell you!  As always, let me know your top picks, and your fave blogs below!

VLOG | TMI Tag with Pixie Lott & Bluewater Shopping Spree

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Becca's video
Leanne's video

I haven't vlogged in a while so I thought I'd take you guys along with me to Bluewater as it was quite an exciting day! Apologies for the awful sound quality, apparently my GoPro doesn't do well in places with a lot of background noise! Let me know if you liked this video and if you'd like me to vlog more, and remember to check out the other videos linked above for more Pixie Lott!

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