Monday 30 September 2013


Lips // Lime Crime 'Red Velvet' Velvetine
Necklace* // Papa East
Dress* // Oh My Love
Shoes // Christian Louboutin
Rings // Accessorize, Cutie Pie*, H&M, Dixi*

Yes I know my dress is wrinkly, yes I did notice before I took these photos, yes I do regret not ironing it beforehand.  I have learnt my lesson.  BUT in my defence it was getting darker outside (at 4pm..fuck you autumn) so I wanted to get the photos taken quickly.  Moving on; I've seen this dress in black on dozens of bloggers and have been lusting after it for ages, so when they brought out a blue one I was over the moon!  As it's such a simple piece I much prefer bright over tonal and the gold detail on the back not only compliments the colour but is a really awesome twist to an otherwise simple dress.  Thought I'd then finish off the look with a pair of my mums Louboutins (so. jealous.) and actually did my hair for once.  Oh the things I do for you guys.
love amy x

Sunday Summary Week 124

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ Batoko crop top selfie  2/ Amazing new Fashion Union shoes
3/ Goodie bags from The Blogger Programme  4/ Abandon Ship Apparel bodysuit
5/ Lazy sunday selfie  6/ Finally got my hands on a Velvetine
7/ Jeffrey Campbells in TK Maxx  8/ Olivia drew me!

Quite a late post today and I'm pretty tired writing this so I'll keep it short.  I've had a nightmare filming my next video for YouTube today but I finally have it edited and ready to upload on tuesday so stay tuned, until then enjoy this abundance of selfies.
love amy x

Saturday 28 September 2013

GIVEAWAY // Shellys London Shoes!

So today I'm very pleased to announce that I'm giving one pair of Shellys London shoes to one of you lucky readers!  I have the Braunol and Komendova styles and absolutely love them, keep an eye out for them in future outfit posts.  You can see the collection here - which pair would you choose if you won?

- Giveaway is for one pair of Shellys London shoes
- Open to UK readers only (sorry internationals - maybe next time!)
- Ends in 7 days (05/10/13)
- Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below
- Good luck!

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love amy x

Friday 27 September 2013


Sunglasses* // ZeroUV
Earring* // Body Jewellery Shop
Necklace // Regal Rose
Cami* // Missguided
Bomber* // Motel Rocks
Bracelet* // Persunmall
Belt // Primark
Shorts* // SheInside
Dr Martens* // BANK
Rings // Persunmall*, vintage, market, Lumafina, Regal Rose, vintage

Yes, it is still summer in the little wonderland inside my brain so I'm making the most of being able to wear skimpy clothes inside while the weather outside is less than desirable.  Whether or not it's on trend anymore, monochrome is always chic and I especially like how it looks with my pink hair!
love amy x

Thursday 26 September 2013

VIDEO // Get to know me tag

As I kind of leaped straight into doing YouTube videos I thought I'd film the 'get to know me' tag - I hope you guys enjoy watching and let me know any video suggestions!
love amy x

Wednesday 25 September 2013


Sunglasses* // ZeroUV
Lips // Lime Crime Velvetine
Tee* // ENGlorious

So I thought I'd try a slightly different kind of outfit post today - I feel all my photos are so same-y and wanted something a little more interesting.  These are obviously kind of 'trial' photos and I'd like to improve on them with different techniques/locations but for now these blurry ones are what I have to work with.  I'm not the biggest fan of them - but what do you guys think? (:
love amy x

Tuesday 24 September 2013

HAUL // Triangl Swimwear

I was an extremely happy girl the day this bikini arrived at my doorstep.  It may be a little late now to be skipping around in a bikini (bloody English weather) but I will be whipping this out at any opportunity I can get.  Ideally I'd love to be shipped off to Australia, the home of Triangl and where it is now summer, but alas I don't even have the money for a MacBook let alone a holiday!  My wardrobe is full of tired ugly numbers I got from Primark two years ago so this bikini was an extremely welcome addition to my lacklustre swimwear collection.  It is the Tilly Sunburst from Triangl Swimwear and I am so, so in love with it.

Triangl bikinis are made out of neoprene material, yes you read correctly; the material wetsuits are made of!  It fits me like an absolute dream and is the perfect shape to suit all body types - be you busty or in the itty bitty titty club.  As you may know I am at the smaller end of the scale, so the thick neoprene material is a plus as it means that it gives a little bit of oomph, and also protects from awkward nip incidents!  The bikini is really comfortable and I love the quirky colour scheme and net detail.  Every Triangl bikini also comes with a matching beach bag so you can co-ordinate while at the beach!  If I can find a sunny beach any time soon you can definitely expect me pracing around in it but until then - you'll have to make do with these photos, sorry!
love amy x

Monday 23 September 2013


Sunglasses* // Zero UV
Earrings // Primark
Necklace // Etsy (one off)
Denaro Body* // Bitching & Junkfood
Harlie Shorts* // Bitching & Junkfood
Socks // Topshop
Gritte boots* // Missguided
Rings // IRIDESCENT, H&M, Persunmall*, Galibardy

If you're going to go trashy, I say go all out - so I whacked out the chunky heels, oversized sunnies, hot pants and statement gold jewellery, not forgetting the super tacky dollar sign earrings of course!  I felt totally awesome in this ensemble and despite the shorts being a little bootylicious, I love the design too much to care!  These pieces are from the new Bitching & Junkfood collection, which I believe was launched today and is totally rad, plus their lookbook features some of my favourite fashion bloggers looking flawless, so definitely check it out if you're a bit of a bitchy fangirl like me!
love amy x
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