Friday 28 February 2014



After spacing these outfit posts out for the past couple of months, I've finally come to the last look from my Missguided shoot! Aside from the sequin skirt outfit this is definitely my favourite look from the five I styled up, and now (unfortunately) it's back to boring old outfit posts with the blank white wall, no more pretty lilac - sorry guys!

Wednesday 26 February 2014


Necklace* // Wanderlust
Jumper* // Hips + Hair
Dress* // BANK
Boots* // Ark
Lips // Mac Rebel

Okay so I would have posted this earlier if I hadn't have been stuck in traffic!  I went for an interview at UCA Epsom and the journey back should have taken 50 mins which turned into 2 hours because of the evening rush, ugh.  Anyway on to the clothes - I haven't actually worn this dress as just a dress yet - it layers so well that I've been exploring the different tops I can throw on with it as I like to keep it pretty casual.  I actually wore it to the Missguided SS14 preview which I vlogged so make sure you check that out!  Also, I hit 10,000 subs on my YouTube channel yay!  As promised I will film the 'I do my boyfriend's makeup' video soon but in the meantime if you haven't subscribed click here!
love amy x

Tuesday 25 February 2014

VIDEO // February Favourites 2014

After putting off these types of video since December, I'm finally back with another favourites video!  As always you can see the links if you click read more below and be sure to 'like' the video if you want me to carry on with my monthly favourites!
love amy x

Sunday 23 February 2014

Sunday Summary Week 145

1/ Feeling super tropicana with my Access All ASOS pressies  2/ Filmed my room tour!
3/ This is a Love Song, Wanderlust and Wolf & Wander goodies  4/ OOTD (tee, skirt, coat, bag)
5/ OOTD (beanie, necklace, top, shorts, bag, boots)  6/ Rad SheInside sweatshirt
7/ Mizzu drew me!  8/ Outfit post preview (necklace, jumper, playsuit)

Really long blurbs about everything today - I realise there's a lot of outfits in there so I've linked all the items in the words..if that makes sense!  I've got a little writers block so hope you all had a good week and I'll (try to) post tomorrow!
love amy x

Saturday 22 February 2014

Pure London Trade Show with The Blogger Programme

Sandra J
The Mercantile London
Just Hype
Rogue & Wolf
Mel Shoes
Neon Rose, Inkwear, Madam Rage, Party 21
Cinderela B
Favourite Dr Denim jeans at The Mercantile London
Photos 7, 8 & 9 from The Blogger Programme's Instagram

At the beginning of this month I'd never been to a trade show before, then a couple of weeks into the month I'd been to two!  The first was London Edge which I vlogged here and a week later, Pure London.  Again, I went along to represent The Blogger Programme (which you should totally join if you're a blogger wanting to collaborate with brands) with two of my favourite blogging ladies, Helen and Leanne!  Unfortunately, I took the same camera I took to the New Look event, and my memory card corrupted again meaning I lost all my photos, so I had to borrow some from other people and use some low quality ones from my phone - better than nothing I guess!

I had a really lovely time pootling around and squealing at some of the awesome stuff being sold, so wish you could have bought stuff from the stands!  A couple of my favourites include Rogue + Wolf, The Mercantile London and Mighty Purse and I think it has to be noted that the adorable little rhino boots (as well as all other Mel shoes) were raspberry scented, why aren't all shoes fruity?!

All in all, I had a great day out and hope I helped out The Blogger Programme a little!  If you're a brand that wants to connect with bloggers, or vice versa make sure you check out the site, as it's an awesome way to collaborate and I've done some great campaigns through there.  Big thanks to TBP team and hope all you readers enjoyed the slightly different post!  Also, be sure to watch Leanne's vlog of the day to see more brands as well as our time together at the Missguided event and London Edge!
love amy x

Friday 21 February 2014


Necklace* // Rock n Rose
Dress* // 50 Limes
Shoes* // Hidden Fashion
Rings // Drop Dead*, H&M, Galibardy

A very glittery outfit post today thanks to my gorgeous dress from 50 Limes.  It fits me like a glove and I love the scoop back and shoulder pads, perfect to distract from the fact I'm not particularly blessed in the breasty area!  I decided to change it up a little with gold jewellery rather than my signature silver to go with the gold tones in the dress, and I wanted to wear my new Rock 'n Rose pentagram chain that I received from them as a surprise Valentine's present, so thoughtful and a seriously cool piece.  Hope you like the look and I'll post tomorrow! <3
love amy x

Thursday 20 February 2014

New Look #DiscoverDenim Press Day


Necklace* // The Lost Lanes
Jumper* // Boohoo
Skirt* // Awwdore
Shoes // Topshop

Photos 2 & 3 by Samantha from Nashbag
Photo 6 from New Look

 If you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple weeks then you'll know that denim is going to be huge this S/S.  Luckily, New Look have brought out a massive collection of denim, so big they could actually hold an event for it - from playsuits to a zillion different cuts and washes of jeans; you want it, New Look got it.

You may notice from above that only a couple of photos are my own; that would be because despite lugging my camera in and out of London, my memory card corrupted and I lost all my photos.  Disappointing but I really wanted to show you guys what it all looked like and the incredible attention to detail (everything was blue, even the salt!).  I don't know how on earth the organisers managed to find blue washing machines, let alone different shades but it was a seriously cool idea.

My favourite pieces from the collection definitely include the range of playsuits and dresses and has made me really want to venture out of skinny jean territory and into the boyfriend/mom styles (which may or may not happen very soon!).  The most predominant feature of the collection, in my opinion, was the quality of everything.  All pieces were super soft and of a very high quality, designed down to the last detail, yet still being sold at affordable prices - couldn't ask for anything better!

I left the event filled with (a LOT) of fish & chips, blue slushie and blue candy floss and some seriously rad nails done by Claire K Nails and would like to say a big fat thank you to the New Look team for organising such a great event and, of course, for inviting me along!  Oh, and if you'd like to see me awkwardly ramble about customising denim be sure to watch the video above!
love amy x

Wednesday 19 February 2014


Necklace* // Kukee
Jacket* // Missguided
Top* // Persunmall
Shorts* // Boohoo
Sandals* // Boohoo
Rings // market, market, Regal Rose, Henryka, Rings & Tings, Kukee

A lot of 'metal' elements in this outfit, predominantly the tee that actually has the word emblazoned on the front, but also of course the silver shorts and jacket studded half to death (which is the best kind of studding).  My shorts are part of the Boohoo SS14 #OWNIT collection, they're so versatile and easy to style up because silver just goes with everything!  What's your opinion on metallics?
love amy x
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