How can I contact you?
My email is hello [at] amyvalentine.co.uk - see my contact page for more details.

How old are you?
My birthday is 8th October 1994.

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3200 with a 1.4 50mm lens.  For my videos I use a Canon G7X Mark ii.

What do you use to edit photos/videos?
I use photoshop CS6 to edit photos, and edit videos using Final Cut Pro X.

What colour do you use to dye your hair?
I have always got my hair done in a salon by Ashleigh Hodges, and have my own personal pink mixed up for me so I don't know the colour, sorry!

Who takes your outfit photos?
I used to take all my own outfit photos with a tripod and remote, but nowadays I get my friends to take the photos for me so I can shoot at more interesting locations.  My photographer is always credited in the post.

Can you answer these questions for my university project?
I'd love to reply to every email but honestly don't have the time!  For this reason I am unable to answer any surveys or interview questions for coursework - my apologies.

Can I use your images?
Feel free to publish my images elsewhere, but please do credit to my blog with the URL.  I'd love to know if you've featured me so tweet me or shoot me an email to let me know!

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