Thursday 30 June 2011



 Wow, can I just say, I have soooo much going on at the moment! I spent the day in London today and it was really fun.  I didn't exactly keep to my budget, as Camden is one of my biggest weaknesses, but I don't regret it, as I bought some pretty cool stuff.  We went to Camden as soon as we got there, and me and my friend Loulie faffed about at the sunglasses stall for quite a while.  Sunglasses were £5 each and I bought the chunky ray bans, then we both bought matching 'ozzy' glasses, wandering round calling 'SHAARAAAN'.  It was rather amusing, but I guess you had to be there.  I also popped into a little side shop called Radiobot.  I've come across their stuff before at the clothes show live, and I do believe then have an online site here.  I bought the vest top as I've been looking for something like this for a while and I like the cut, as it kind of curves up either side which is quite flattering, plus it was a good price, at £14.  Lastly I was forced into buying the blue pearl rosary, as I was just browsing a stall when the merchant came over and started selling it to me, starting the price at £12, then as I kept refusing, but he kept reducing until we got to £4, when I couldn't be bothered to argue any more, as at this point he had already actually put it on me.  I hate salespeople like that! I guess I do quite like the necklace though.  After Camden we went to the Drop Dead store again, which we went to before on the opening day, but never managed to go in, so we did today and I must say, I was kind of disappointed, as the design of the shop is amazing, but they only had one of each item out, so you would  have to bring the item of clothing to a sales assistant, for them to go to the stock room to go and find you your size.  I bought the rubber wristband that says LIVE FAST DROP DEAD on it, which was only a fiver, so that wasn't too bad.

All in all it was an amazing day, and I've now got the weekend to look forward to!  My best friend is coming back from Australia tomorrow morning and we're getting our nails done for prom and having a shop around Camberley, then in the evening we have an american college themed party which should be great.  Then the next day we have prom, and I really can't wait!  I'll definitely make a post on what I wear to the party and you'll probably see many many pictures of me at prom.  I also have so many other posts lined up as well, so look forward to a post overload pretty soon.  Also, congratulations if you read all of this, kudos to you for being a true follower!

love amy x

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Wednesday Want Week 14: Iro Iro

Oversized knitted black hair bowOversized knitted hair bow - rich red
il_570xN226087583-1.jpg Handknitted blue hair bow or brooch

I came across this adorable little Etsy shop the other day, I believe it was through the mailing list updates.  The products being sold are so cute, with knitted hair bows in custom colours.  They would be so easy to wear and a lot more comfortable than the elastic bands you get I reckon.  She also sells adorable little knitted creatures such as bunnies, elephants and horses, as well as tiny knitted hearts, which I love.  My favourite of all the products is definitely the custom colour tiny hair bow which can be seen here.  Click on the above pictures to go to each listing and click here for the shop!  What do you guys thing of the products?
love amy x

Tuesday 28 June 2011



So the Topshop sale is on, and because I'm on the mailing list, I had a day to have a shop before the sale officially started!  I bought this pretty vest top with a crystal pattern on it (which is now sold out!).  Normally I like to have my tops a little baggy, so I bought a size 10.  It arrived really quickly but when I put it on, it's a really weird shape so I'm a little disappointed.  The necklines quite high, the sleeves are really weirdly cut so you can see my bra at the side, and in a bad way, not like a deep cut sleeve vest, cause I like them.  The bottom is also really strangely elasticated and wrinkles a lot as it is so wide.  It's a real shame because I love the print, just the shape is bad, but it was reduced from £18 to £8 so I'll keep it, I can always cut the sleeves and neckline! What do you guys think of it?
love amy x


I bought an Astrostar lamp the other day from eBay, they're so cheap, like around £5!  It arrived a few days ago and I didn't realise you had to assemble it yourself! It was flat packed, with all the different parts separate, and you have to do the electronics yourself too.  Fortunately, the instructions are really easy to read so it wasn't very difficult, but it still took me about an hour or so to put it together.  At first I was pretty disappointed, as the lightbulb is a measly little one, but in the dark it looks incredible, the picture above doesn't really do it justice.  It makes a beautiful pattern all over the walls and is actually really relaxing.  I love it and can't wait to do more photography with it!
love amy x

Wake The Dreamers

Group - 4

Group - 2


Group - 3


Slightly different post today, I decided to feature my friend's band.  It's called Wake the Dreamers and at the moment they've not got any music out, but they're insane!  They took some band pictures the other day and I love them, so def wanted to share with you guys.  The photographer is Louis Browne, a friend of mine, and the guy with the blue shirt, hat and generally grumpy expression is my boyfriend Alex! Awwwh.
love amy x

Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday Summary Week 7

1/ A very healthy dinner consisting of chocolate, cake and fruit flakes!
2/ Alex in his prom suit, awwwhh
3/ Watching Glastonbury, so jealous of people there!
4/ I made a little plush cat (post coming soon)
5/ Primark spree! (post also coming soon)
6/ Reached 111 followers, the number pleased me somewhat (:
7/ Sun gave me a weird rash D:
8/ Found the PERFECT prom shoe, didn't have my size though ):

This week has been pretty hectic.  It's only just dawned on me that my prom is in 6 days and I don't know how I'm doing my make-up and hair, plus I don't even have any shoes!  The Louboutins that I ordered hadn't even been posted nearly a week after I ordered, so they would never arrive in time so unfortunately, I had to cancel it, as they were so expensive, so would be a waste.  I did see a very similar pair in a nude colour in River Island on saturday, but they only came in a size 5 and they're not on the website so I'm in a serious panic.  I might have to buy some normal shoes of eBay and go DIY on them, covering them in glitter, as there is a pair in Topshop which would be so easy to do, yet are £60! I'm just hoping the glitter and glue arrives before saturday, as well as the shoes!

I'm hoping that this coming week will be good, as my best friend is coming back from Australia (!!) and the weather has been amazing today, so hopefully it'll carry on this way.  I might also be going into London for the day so might get some interesting stuff, been wanting to try on some creepers for a while now, as I've seen them all over the internet looking great, but I'm really self conscious about my feet, as they're quite big, so I'm worried they'll just make me look like a clown with really long, flat feet!

Oh, and last but not least, I'm keeping to my word!  I promised a giveaway when I got to 100 followers and at the moment I'm still getting it ready, but it will happen, trust me!
love amy x

Friday 24 June 2011

Real eyes realise real lies

Check Shirt: Given by stepsister
Lace bandeau: $0.97
Silver bow ring: $0.26
Denim shorts: Made by me

Another outfit post featuring an item from!  The bandeau is really stretchy and fits really well as well as being great quality.  The shorts I made myself from some skanky old trousers.  I was messing around with my clothes, just planning festival outfits as I'm getting a little too excited about Reading festival!  I was a little nervous when posting, as there's a lot of skin showing, and I don't really like having my torso out but oh well.  You won't be able to see it, but I'm wearing the Maybelline gel eyeliner that I did a review on in a previous post, I'm really liking it at the moment!
love amy x

Thursday 23 June 2011

Spotlight : Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

Now I've seen my lot of animated GIF's in my time, mostly thanks to Tumblr, but they are usually the badly edited, tiny, low quality 'funny' types.  When I came across these so-called, 'Cinemagraphs' I was amazed.  Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg are the two characters behind them, and they're high quality photographs with a twist.  Sometimes you can't even notice the motion for a bit, but I love the fact that you can't see where the 'loop' is, they're so smooth and I could just stare at them all for hours!
love amy x

Wednesday 22 June 2011


If you're a follower if my Twitter, you'll know that I gave in the other day and bought a Moleskine.  I bought it from the Moleskine official site, and this is the black hardback sketchbook version in a size large, which is A5 size. Click here to go to the listing.  The book itself is really high quality so hopefully it shouldn't fall apart like many of my previous notebooks.  Hopefully I'll be filling it up and I'll definitely post some of the things I create but for now I need to decide what I want to put on the cover to customise it!
love amy x

Monday 20 June 2011


I am finally free from my secondary school, and now I'm already starting to miss it.  I only joined in year 9, so spent 3 years there and I made so many friends and although there are some bad memories there, there are more amazing ones.  I worked my ass off those 3 years, especially in this last one and I'll always remember my time there.
love amy x
PS: 3 more followers until I do a giveaway, come on guys!
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