Sunday 30 June 2013

Sunday Summary Week 111

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1/ New Choies Sunglasses   2/ Polly before Reading
3/ Boon Apparel & Choies ootd   4/ Before taking blog photos
5/ Recent items I have acquired   6/ New McDonalds mocha
7/ @NKushnareva drew me!   8/ New phone case from H&M
9 & 10/ New Drop Dead summer  13 line at the launch party
11/ Me & the lovely Zoe   12/ Graffiti-d Louis Vuitton suitcase
13/ Drop Dead goodie bags!   14/ new DD dungarees - in love!

So this week has been pretty good to me actually - my highlight was definitely the Drop Dead summer line launch party which I'll try not to say too much about because there will be a separate blog post with lots of pretty photos, so stay tuned for that!  I'm so happy that I've finished college now so that I have lots of free time for blogging, although a bit nervous for results day in August!
love amy x

Friday 28 June 2013


Hat // Topshop
Collar* // Soomin
MinkPink dress* // CageCity
Jelly sandals // JuJu
Silver bracelet // Market stall
Watch* // Daniel Wellington
Rings // Topshop, Regal Rose, Market, Rachael Sudlow

I love this ombre MinkPink dress - I think it's perfect for summer and I love the seafoam green colour mixed with the white.  I received a collar from Soomin recently and thought the deep green and purple hues with a touch of canary yellow would go great with the dress so I clipped it on over the collar of the dress for a more personal, customised touch!  However, these photos really don't do the collar justice - the patterns are so intricate and beautiful, and there are so many other beautiful designs so I would highly recommend checking out the shop!
love amy x

Thursday 27 June 2013

God It Feels So Good Decoden Phone Case

Custom Decoden phone case* // God It Feels So Good
So I've been wanting a decoden phone case for what feels like literally ages, but I've never been able to find one at a reasonable price - with them going up to £80 I really couldn't justify spending my hard-earned money on a phone case!  Prices start at £8 which I think is so reasonable and you can get a custom case made too, which is what I did.  Christina actually made a video of herself making this case for me which you can watch here and she has recently started up her own blog and it would be really lovely if you guys could check it out here!  What do you think of Decoden cases - would you go kawaii or is it too much?
PS: Use the discount code 'SUMMER' at checkout for a whopping 30% off any case!
love amy x

Wednesday 26 June 2013


Hat // Mums
Top // ASOS
Skirt* // BangGood
Shoes* // Choies
Earrings // Topshop
Necklace // Etsy (one off)
Bracelet* // OASAP
Rings // H&M, Brandy Melville, Galibardy

I actually got this skirt a while back but have been so busy photographing other clothes that I never got round to featuring it!  I received this top in the post yesterday in my ASOS order and I love how it looks but the quality isn't great, plus it's really annoying because it always rides up!  I think I might return it and buy one from Motel Rocks as they look better quality!  I do love this skirt too but it is a little on the short side, oh the problems of being tall.  However it's a great item for under £10!
love amy x

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Coltrane Shoe Unboxing & Review

This is a pretty old video, and I think one of the last videos I filmed ages ago and never got round to posting so hopefully future videos I upload will be good quality and more recent!  I filmed this video a couple of months ago so that's why I look different and aren't as confident in front of the camera.  Regardless I hope you guys enjoy and I answer any questions you have about the shoes!
love amy x

Monday 24 June 2013


Leotard* // Electric Tees
Belt // H&M
Disco Pants* // AX Paris
Spiked Damsels // Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace* // AOKO NY
Rings // Rachael Sudlow, markets, ebay, vintage

I do own American Apparel disco pants which I've featured before, although black gets very boring - which is why I decided to go for a brighter colour, specifically turquoise!  I've seen some people wearing red disco pants but never a colour like this so I thought it would be fun to style.
I know a lot of people are interested in how dupes compare to American Apparel disco pants, and honestly these are hot on the tail of the real thing.  The material is thick but stretchy at the same time, the colour is very vibrant, with identical pockets (which is what lets down a lot of dupes) plus they are £25.99 so nearly £50 off the RRP - go AX Paris!  I would say, however, that the sizes come up small - I got the size 8 and because I have very wide hips I should really have chosen a 10, but these fit very well on my legs so might just need breaking in.
I thought I'd team the disco pants with my awesome leotard from Electric Tees which I love so much - the print is so unique and simple, with a flattering scoop back that has a different, striped pattern.
Anyway I've blabbed a lot in this post!  I hope you all like the outfit!  I also added more items to my blog sale if you haven't seen it already so check it out!
love amy x
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