Monday 14 March 2011

you must follow your heart

against the grain - city & colour (this is a nice song aha, it's what the title is)
so i had my art mock exam the other day, which is basically a whole day at school doing a sketch from life/finishing up any final pieces.  i decided for some reason to draw a ribcage, from the random model skeleton in the art block.  i didn't get to finish it, so i'll have to do the rest another time, but this is what it looks like so far, i'm quite pleased with it, (even though it's a tad emo haha) and i got 85% for it which is an A, so i'm pretty proud, as i came second highest in the class (highest was 87%, which is still an A)!  anyway, here are some pictures:
i don't know why the last image is so pixellated, it's really annoying me but i can't fix it!  you can click the images to make them bigger and less pixelly though.
bye for now!
love amy x

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