Monday 21 March 2011

reading festival?!

i know i'm a little late posting this but aah the reading festival line up was released today! i'll admit it's not as good as the 2009/2010 lineup but hopefully some good acts will be added later.  i'm desperately hoping for a day to remember to play. i loooove them!  i was browsing through some of my folders and found some of the photos i took at reading 2009, they're not amazing but thought i'd share anyway(:

i'm so so excited about the rest of this year, i mean, i've got exams but they'll be over pretty quickly, then i've got prom, then summer! i want to get a summer job so that i can earn some money towards a car too.  then we have the festivals.  obviously i'm going to reading, then i'm going to guilfest for the weekend, and i know two of the bands playing there, then i might be going to underage and possibly rewind with the mother, just so i can see human league live!  then, although it will be the end of summer, i'm starting college! absolutely cannot wait!
1/enter shikari
2/oli sykes from bring me the horizon
3/crystal castles
4&5/bloc party
sorry for the picture overload!
love amy x


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