Thursday 24 March 2011

Tate Modern

today i went on my very last school trip before i leave!  we went to the tate modern gallery in london to research artists etc towards our art coursework.  some of the exhibitions there were amazing, some a little weird, and some could hardly be counted as art, for example, a shoe box in the middle of the floor..very confusing.  anyway, i took quite a few pictures so thought i'd share a few (:

1/ me in the classroom before we left
2/ a giant room, the grey on the floor is tiny handmade sunflower seeds (it's called ai wei wei)
3/ close up of said sunflower seeds
4/ gabriel orozco's art.  he collected disregarded tyres and car parts from the side of the roads in mexico and put them in one huge room, the puddles are the melted parts
5/ another gabriel orozco, a whole wall of just lines.  he drew the lines with a ruler and where the curve is he put his finger, so its called finger ruler aha, pretty cool though
6/ cy twombly, he gets drunk and throws paint around
7/ some LED thing, there were so many quotes and everything playing for ages, it was mesmerising!
8/ optical illusion by bridget riley
9/ we found a tiny light/mirror room and were taking random pictures
10/ me being a goonchild
11/ a street entertainer, pretty cool!
12/ my friend maria shaking his hand, she freaked out aha
13/ bridge?
14/ globe theatre

soooo there you go, sorry for the picture overload!
love amy x

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