Sunday 22 May 2011


Some of you may know that I previously ran a little jewellery business.  I did pretty well out of it and it was fun, but it just got boring, as I was making jewellery that was a different taste to mine and I didn't enjoy it as much.  Fortunately, I am starting another business!  The name is to be confirmed, but it will be pretty cool, and it will be more my style etc.  I've already got some stock in, and have for a while now but I'm waiting until summer to start work properly.  The collection will include semi precious stones such as quartz and citrine as well as a load of turquoise and crucifixes and everything.  I'm pretty pumped about it, and it won't be just jewellery either!  I'm going to be working alongside two other people and we are going to make T-shirts, tanks maybe hoodies and special customised vintage shorts made be me (: I can't wait!
love amy x


  1. the stuff youve got looks amazing! ~I will definitely be purchasing some things!

  2. Love the crystal points! I have some at home but they're too big to fit in jewelry :/

  3. Where do you get all this stuff from?

  4. sometimes craft fairs but mostly jewellery part stockists(:

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