Monday 13 June 2011

Sunday Summary Week 5 (Belated!)

1/ I was delighted with my Drop Dead purchase (also notice the DD sticker on my phone from Alex!)
2/ My beloved Skullcandy headphones broke!
3/ My friend Aidan with his chicken
4/ Some jewellery stock arrived
5/ Bought some feathers to make jewellery with, they're insanely soft and lovely!
6/ Watched Bear & the Big Blue House with Freddie
7/ Spent a little too much time playing with the Google logo
8/ Hungover me

Sorry this post is a whole day late!  I was at my dads house last night and didn't have my mac with me as it was at mums so I didn't have the pictures which were saved on my laptop.  This week has been pretty good actually, had my ICT exam today and my last ever GCSE is tomorrow, which is RE.  I've got so many posts lined up for you guys so keep checking back!  Oh, and help me get up to 100 followers if you can, as when this goal is fulfilled I'll do a special giveaway!
love amy x


  1. ohh good luck with your exam because then BAM you´re done and free ! :)

  2. thanks for joining my give away :D
    I like the first pic, with the messy hair haha



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