Sunday 26 June 2011

Sunday Summary Week 7

1/ A very healthy dinner consisting of chocolate, cake and fruit flakes!
2/ Alex in his prom suit, awwwhh
3/ Watching Glastonbury, so jealous of people there!
4/ I made a little plush cat (post coming soon)
5/ Primark spree! (post also coming soon)
6/ Reached 111 followers, the number pleased me somewhat (:
7/ Sun gave me a weird rash D:
8/ Found the PERFECT prom shoe, didn't have my size though ):

This week has been pretty hectic.  It's only just dawned on me that my prom is in 6 days and I don't know how I'm doing my make-up and hair, plus I don't even have any shoes!  The Louboutins that I ordered hadn't even been posted nearly a week after I ordered, so they would never arrive in time so unfortunately, I had to cancel it, as they were so expensive, so would be a waste.  I did see a very similar pair in a nude colour in River Island on saturday, but they only came in a size 5 and they're not on the website so I'm in a serious panic.  I might have to buy some normal shoes of eBay and go DIY on them, covering them in glitter, as there is a pair in Topshop which would be so easy to do, yet are £60! I'm just hoping the glitter and glue arrives before saturday, as well as the shoes!

I'm hoping that this coming week will be good, as my best friend is coming back from Australia (!!) and the weather has been amazing today, so hopefully it'll carry on this way.  I might also be going into London for the day so might get some interesting stuff, been wanting to try on some creepers for a while now, as I've seen them all over the internet looking great, but I'm really self conscious about my feet, as they're quite big, so I'm worried they'll just make me look like a clown with really long, flat feet!

Oh, and last but not least, I'm keeping to my word!  I promised a giveaway when I got to 100 followers and at the moment I'm still getting it ready, but it will happen, trust me!
love amy x


  1. I don't usually wear heels but those heels are fantastic!!

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface


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