Sunday 31 July 2011

Sunday Summary Week 12

1/ 38 people on my blog at once!
2/ Laughed out load at this ridiculous gaga outfit
3/ My friend comically rolling a cigarette, mid-motorway
4/ Found a kettle on a pavement, random
5/ The car crash
6/ Alex's arm (broken in 3 places!)
7/ Alex after surgery, awwwhhh
8/ My inbox after not being home for two days, owwwp

Things I loved this week:
1/ This blog called 'We are the crowd'.  It's run by three girls and is really great, one of my favourite blogs!
2/ The Regretsy site.  Some of the stories on here are so funny!
3/ These amazing graffiti photos!

I'll be honest, I competely forgot about Sunday summary aha, so here it is a little later than I would have liked!

So yesterday turned out to be completely hectic.  My friend was having a party and I got the train to town then got picked up by my friend.  We were nearly at the guys house when we were going round a corner that little bit too fast, skidded on some gravel and swerved, resulting in the car slamming into someone's fence.  We all slammed forward in the car and it was pretty scary, thank god we were all wearing our seatbelts.  I was fine, as the seatbelt had held me in, and my face broke my fall (haha) on the seat back, whereas the people in the front got affected quite a lot by the seatbelt yank, the driver actually got whiplash I think.

My boyfriend Alex was sitting in the middle and was holding on to the handle you get on the car roofs on my side so when the car crashed I must have pushed his arm and hurt it.  We got out and he was in loads of pain so we rang the police and the ambulance and they didn't take too long to arrive.  All the people who were in the car were checked out by the nurses and gave a statement to the police.  Alex's mum drove over and took me to the hospital to meet Alex and it turned out later on that they found out Alex's upper arm bone (humerus) was broken in three places and he would need an operation to fix it, which involved a plate and lots of screws. I stayed at one of my girlfriends houses that night and went to visit Alex in the morning.  The operation started at midday and he came out 3 and a half hours later all woozy and sleepy from the anesthetic.  His arm is now all casted up and he has 8 screws and a plate on the bone, which should take 4 to 10 weeks to heal.

Altogether it's been a rough couple of days but I'm just pretty glad to be alive and well.  These things do happen and it could have been anyone, I'm now knackered so maybe I'll post tomorrow, byeeee
love amy x


  1. Gosh, that sounds like an ordeal ! :(
    Good thing you#re okay though, and best wishes to Alex !

  2. Eek! Can't believe you featured us! We love your blog so much, I know it's one of my favourites! <3 thank you! :)

    Love Ellen

  3. Oh god that sounds horrible! glad you're alright:) x

  4. Aw wow, that must have been such a horrible experience.
    So glad no one was extremely injured, and sorry to hear about your boyfriends arm!

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