Sunday 25 September 2011

Sunday Summary Week 19

1/ Photoboothing with Freddie
2/ Brand new Moleskine for graphics! (;
3/ Freddie messing around with the glass doors, hahaha
4/ My favourite tights ruined ):
5/ A car at college, post-it noted to shit
6/ Got my hair dyed blonder (purples fading!)

Things I loved this week:
1/ As always, loving Lauren's blog, Noir Nouvelle, especially her new layout!
2/ This little stick man game, pretty cute
3/ Name origin generator, pretty funny!

So if you're an (unfortunate) follower of my twitter, you'll know that my weekend has been, well, shite.  I felt really left out on Friday, as all of my friends went to events, none of which I was invited to, there was supposed to be a party on Saturday, which got cancelled, so I decided to go to London with my dad to redeem my lomo voucher, but he also let me down, then today I was supposed to go to my boyfriends band recording but he had no signal so we couldn't communicate properly and it all went pear shaped.  So altogether I've been pretty unhappy this past 3 days, with a few tears being shed, but I did get to see Alex for two hours from 7 so at least I got to do something, and it did cheer me up a little.

Apologies for the super long rambly sentence, I'm absolutely knackered and need to get some shut eye.  Night night all!
love amy x


  1. Aw, thanks for linking me hun :)

    Hope things start picking up for you xx

  2. I tried out the name origin generator and it's hilarious! I hope this week is loads better for you x

  3. That post-it note covered car is pure hilariousity! Sorry about your weekend - hope the next one is better x x

  4. Hope everything will work out fine. Love your posts xx

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