Sunday 20 November 2011

Sunday Summary Week 27

1/ Graze box!
2/ Freddie fascinated by the fish at the doctors office.
3/ Went to see A Day To Remember in London!
4/ Bought some INCREDIBLE shoes from Urban Outfitters, more about them in a future post!
5/ Giant lego Buzz Lightyear in Harrods.
6/ Redesigned the front page for IRIDESCENT!

Things I Loved This Week:
1/ Mollie's blog, Musicandmollie, she makes some real cute, quality posts!
2/ This page dedicated to unusual buildings, pretty cool!
3/ I Will Try - Deaf Havana (Listen here)

This weekend has been just awesome! On friday I went to see my favourite band, A Day To Remember at the HMV Forum in London and they were so good.  Halfway through the show they brought out a huge beach ball and the frontman got inside and rolled over the crowd, so cool!  That night me and my boyfriend stayed at a HOTEL(!!!) in Trafalgar Square and the next day was Alex (my boyfriend)'s birthday so I gave him his presents that he was absolutely over the moon with.  I got him an OBEY snapback hat and a sweatshirt from Mercy & Hope (here) and he wore both items the next day.  We woke up at around 9ish on Saturday morning and went for breakfast in a Costa then had a shop around Covent Garden.  Alex bought some new Vans and nearly some Cheap Monday jeans from Urban Outfitters and I got some SUPER AMAZING new shoes, but that's another post for another day!  We then got the tube to Knightsbridge where we had a meal with his parents and had a mooch around Harrods afterwards, going straight to the Toy Kingdom which was pretty cool, apart from all the workers were so snooty and looking down on us because we're teenagers, which was pretty intimidating and rude really.  We got the train back home at the end of the day and I went back to my house and Alex went out to town for a pub crawl with his friends and I'm sure he got pretty drunk.  I couldn't go because I'm still 17 and I'm pretty sure he just wanted his 'lad' friends there with him.

Today has been pretty boring now I think about it. When I woke up I got a head rush, next thing I know I'm sprawled out on the floor having passed out and banged my head on the corner of my shower, which was really weird, and I still can't believe it actually happened!  Then at 4:30 I had my first driving lesson which was pretty nerve-racking.  I've never driven before so it was all new to me, and not gonna lie, I did stall quite a lot!  It was also dark outside so that didn't really help but I learned a lot and I'm looking forward to future lessons!

Kudos if you read all that, happy Sunday!
love amy x


  1. Those shoes look gorgeous :) x

  2. lucky you got to see A Day To Remember i really want to see them live! those shoes are amazing!

  3. oh, i've only just seen this - thankyou very much! :)



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