Friday 6 January 2012

Reverse this curse

Just wanted to share a couple of photo's I took a short while ago, it's a chandelier from my Nana's house and I was playing around with different modes on my camera.  Today was kinda crap really, for a start it's my ex's birthday and memories of him keep creeping up on me, and I was asked to go and see a model agency after submitting some photos of myself, so I took the train to London to see them.  I got there after a train journey which took the best part of two hours and didn't even get 10 minutes in the agency.  They said that I was 'too commercial looking' and wouldn't suit high fashion, which was what they specialised in and gave me a list of agencies that might be more interested in me.  What I don't get is why they didn't tell me this when I had just submitted my pictures, rather than making me take the day off college when I'm already really behind.  All in all, today's been one big kick to my confidence.  (Sorry for the negative post but I need to let it out somewhere)
love amy x


  1. oh thats horrible :( that happened to my friend once and she was so upset :( i really hope you feel better! the photo's are very interesting :) xxx

  2. Lovely photos, shame that you've had a crappy week. Hope everything starts looking up for you! As annoying as your story about the modelling agency was, at least they considered you, that must mean your good! xx

  3. I love the photos! But anyway, you're so pretty so you should try the agencies they suggested! :)

  4. Stupid modelling agency, hope you're okay x


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