Sunday 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary Week 37

1/ Mcdonalds breakfast..again!
2/ Painted my nails
3/ Selling some stuff on ebay here
4/ Won a ring from Covet Jewellery!
5/ Extra chocolatey digestive
6/ Reminisced over prom pictures, cute
7/ Party on saturday
8/ Sparkler
9/ Intoxicated boyfriend

Things I loved this week:
1/ Love Chloe's blog, chloeHford!
2/ Product of a Murderer - Of Mice & Men.  Listen here
3/ The baby monkey riding on a pig app for the iPhone, so good!

I'm trying to write this post as quick as possible as my laptops nearly out of battery and I don't have the charger.  I went out friday morning to go to college and literally did not get home until this evening.  I went to a gig on friday, stayed at Alex's, then spent saturday there, going to a party in the evening and staying over there, then dozed around at Pollys.  If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know who Alex and Polly are, if not then sorry for the random names! Don't have much to write about other than I have a huge tummy ache, so I'm off to get painkillers!

love amy x

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  1. Aw thankyou for the mention!! I love your blog, all the pictures are so lovely :)

    Chloe x


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