Monday 20 February 2012

Sunday Summary Week 40

1/ The alps!
2/ Me looking like a tard in my ski gear
3/ BN biscuit
4/ Red bull in the pub
5/ Polaroid of me & Alex
6/ Blood on my skis cause I'm br00tal
7/ Fireworks!
8/ Addicted to the Toco hairdressing app
9/ Fairy lights
10/ Pretty french rizla & baccy, still disapprove of smoking though!
11/ Ski museum
12/ The boyfriend
13/ Alex in the Antilife hat I got him for valentines day
14/ Huge sweet market
15/ Yin yang ring I treated myself to
16/ New camera! (post later)

So this is a pretty hectic sunday summary! I've taken an obscene amount of pictures this week so it was hard to whittle it down to a reasonable number.  If you follow me on twitter you'll know I went to Courchevel in France to ski with my boyfriend, Alex, and his family. I had a truly amazing week and thankfully did not injure myself, which is good seeing as I didn't actually have any health insurance!  I'll post some of the pictures tomorrow maybe.

I have eventually decided to follow the crowd and make an instagram account.  My username is amyvalentinex if you want to follow me.  I'm still pretty new to it so let me know your usernames in the comments and I'll check out your profile! (:
love amy x


  1. Wow, seems like you had a great week! Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time, how the hell did you get blood on your skis?! Craaaaaazy girl ;-).
    Danielle /

  3. Wooowww..., amy this is very nice, i like it

    if u have time visit n follow my blog thanks


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