Sunday 15 April 2012

Sunday Summary Week 48

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1/ Found a random painful looking bruise on my foot   2/ Mum went mad in the supermarket   3/ Silver hair cuff   4/ Ted Baker purse as an easter present!   5/ Barbeque round mine   6/ Made a voucher for my shop as a birthday gift for a friend   7/ Finally got my valentines present from my boyfriend!   8/ Ed at bbq   9/ Brother's reunion!   10/ Monki Mi'd myself   11/ Cant decide which cardi to keep!   12/ Going out   13/ Chocolate toast, yum   14/ Outfit   15/ Babysham while blogging, so nice

I can't believe that the Easter holidays are over already! I went out a lot more than I thought I would, which also means that I didn't get as much work done as I thought I would, AKA zero, and I am definitely going to regret it.

On thursday my friend Molly had a gathering and to cut the story short, we found out that her and my boyfriends dogs are brothers, how random?!  My boyfriends mum came to pick us up and brought the dog, and we were all expecting some kind of beautiful moment but the dogs didn't actually recognise each other, and just carried on trotting round the garden chewing on toys and peeing, anti climax? I think so.
love amy x


  1. Lovely week in photos, so strange about the dogs! So funny that it was such an anti climax ;-D xx

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