Monday 7 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 51

1/ Sunset   2/ Raincoat   3/ Went to see the Avengers   4/ Outfit
5/ New shoes!   6/ Shoe gems   7/ Knitted jumper from my boyfriend   8/ Mini jewellery haul
9/ Moved house   10/ Saw Of Mice & Men!   11/ Made a dreamcatcher necklace, soon to be added to my shop!   12/ Bought a new outfit
13/ Party outfit   14/ Me with curly hair!   15/ Got a Links of London TEAM GB bracelet   16/ Dyed half my hair half pink

This week has been awesome! On monday it was me and my boyfriends one year so he took me out to dinner and we went to see The Avengers at the cinema and it's honestly one of the best films I've ever seen, would recommend it to anyone!  It was a really great night and I'm so happy we're still going strong!

My dad moved house at the end of last month and I got to see it this week.  It's a gorgeous house in Hartley Whitney and it's got that kitsch, shabby chic style and I love it!  It's got a little cottage actually in the back garden which is cool, and you can see that in picture number 9, it's really cute.

I had a plan for literally every day of the weekend which was so hectic.  On friday I went to see my favourite band at the moment called Of Mice & Men and they were incredible, then saturday a friend had an 18th party which was crazy.  I had work induction on Sunday morning and as of the 19th I will be officially employed! It's as a sales assistant in Next so nothing big but a job's a job!  I had another party Sunday night as my friend's parents were going out and the house was absolutely trashed, nevertheless it was a good time and I was absolutely knackered this morning, but managed to muster up the energy to go to my friends birthday gathering.

I've completely rambled on this post but I'd like to finish off by apologising for the day late post, I didn't go home for most of the weekend so I didn't have a chance to post on sunday, thus was born the monday summary, my bad!
love amy x


  1. Well done on the job! I worked at next over the summer, before starting at vue. Its really good pay. I think the only thing about retail is it is very tedious but the money.. ;) that house is gorgeous! Can I live in the cottage in the back...? You look gorgeous with pink and curly hair, jealous. Mines too short to do anything with!! xxx

  2. so jealous you went to see of mice and men! and i love that outfit with the black skirt! x


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