Monday 25 June 2012

Sunday Summary Week 58

Strawberries & ice cream for breakfast!  2/ Sunglasses  3/ Friend gave me a windmill
4/ New shirt  5/ Om nom Domino's  6/ Purple thigh socks with toe hole ):
7/ Boyf & Dog  8/ New shoes!  9/ Ice cream with bubblegum sauce
10/ New eBay find  11/ Ed doing media  12/ Hair looking all cute
13/ I'm crap at bread  14/ Pretty sitting spot  15/ Late night car journeys

Yeah I left my summary too late again *facepalm*.  My boyfriend left to go to Spain for a week on saturday and I miss him so much already! Sounds pathetic but I get a goodnight text every night and I can't get one now because of overseas charges, phone bills would be ridiculous, so I've been a little down, but life goes on; I'll see him soon!  I didn't go home at all this weekend, thus I did absolutely no college work which isn't great but I guess you can't have everything!
love amy x


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