Monday, 13 August 2012

JuJu Jelly Sandals!

Tie dye socks // ebay
JuJu Jelly Sandals // £14 // Urban Outfitters [link]
After a long wait I finally received my jelly sandals! I bought them in the sale for £14 reduced from £24 and the first package was stolen from my porch as the myhermes guy just left it outside (I hate them!) but I sorted it out and they sent me another package for free.  They're weird to walk in as obviously they're bendy, but I'm really happy with them and am looking forward to making a fool of myself around college! What do you think of the 90's / jelly sandals trend?
love amy x


  1. I was really unsure on these but they look great on you x

  2. Aww I seen these in urban Outfitters and really want them!
    Sooo cute especially with those socks! xx

  3. Couldn't decide whether I loved these or hated them but they look so cute here xoxo

  4. I love them, got them in the UO sale too x

  5. I try'd these on in UO last week, but the size 6 was too small and the 7 would have have been too big. I am so jealous you have these and you totally rock them in those socks. I knew my mum was wrong about just wearing them in bear feet. Socks fecking rule!!!!

  6. Cute!! I might have to hunt down some pink ones xx

  7. These are amazing :) I had a pink sparkly pair as a kid and I miss them terribly!

  8. i have the turquoise ones. love them!

  9. I wasn't sure of these at first as I had a pair when I was really little but they look fab! Opinion changed!
    Lianne x

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