Friday 10 August 2012

REVIEW: iLuv Ultra Portable Speaker [iPhone]

iLuv portable speaker* - £15.11 [link]
I received this adorable portable speaker from Arena Media on behalf of Three and I absolutely love it! It came yesterday so was just in time for when I had a little pool party and I must say, this thing is loud! It has a cable for the headphone socket of anything, so I can plug it into my Macbook to enjoy a high quality sound, but I mostly use it for my iPhone. The sound quality is so clear and refined, and it runs on just 3 AAA batteries!  I don't actually own any sort of speaker to play my iPhone through so this will come in very handy when I'm getting ready or for when I go on holiday to play music by the pool or at the beach!
love amy x


  1. Need one of those!

  2. So ideal and would fit in my handbag too! I will probably give this one a go when my one eventually retires hurt! Me and my friends all have things like these to play in the park and the beach :)


  3. This sounds amazing, I've never owned a speaker for my iPhone either, but I have been looking for one for a little while. Definitely think this is the one I need though! :D



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