Monday 29 October 2012

Sunday Summary 76

instagram // amyvalentinex
1/ Puppies everywhere!   2/ Party outfit
3/ Party drinks, fun night! (;   4/ Makeup & silly face
5/ Champagne   6/ Freddie trying on mums shoes
7/ Drop Dead scarf ootd   8/ Halloween nails
9/ Costa after work   10/ Alex nomming pizza
11/ Super close up!   12/ Jelly sandals ootd
13/ Large costa for the price of a small!   14/ Ringz
15/ Cheap Monday ootd   16/ Wine lipstick kinda day
17/ Pig skull drawing from school   18/ Scrunchie!
19/ Llama dress   20/ Starbucks for being brave with my flu jab
21/ Polly & Molly   22/ Me, Molly, Polly
23/ Polly dyed her hair brown!   24/ Spike JC's!
25/ Llama dress   26/ Warmy next to the open fire

So I'm in Bedford right now until Tuesday and it's really nice and chilled out here, and the food is so good!  Apologies for the picture overload but apparently I took a ridiculous amount of photos this week! I have a few posts lined up for you guys so look forward to them! I'm on half term now so hopefully posting will become more frequent, and I'll be able to take photos in the day time as when I get home from college it's too dark!
love amy x


  1. Wow I totally am loving your hair and make up! The pink is gorgeous!


  2. I just found your blog and I am ecstatic I did! :D


  3. cool nails!! xx

  4. Ahh the puppies are adorable!!! I love your dress and litas - so very jealous!!!

    Robyn Mayday

  5. bought that grey skirt this weekend and freddie looks like such a cutie..


  6. Wow adorable photos, love your style sooo soo much!

    Lots of kisses, Elena

  7. haha your brother is so cute ! xx

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