Sunday 18 November 2012

Sunday Summary Week 79

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1/ New OASAP Top   2/ Freddie wants my costa
3/ Roasting mini marshmallows   4/ New OASAP Socks
5/ Cut the rope toy!   6/ OOTD feat. bubble bag
7/ OOTD feat. rainbow jumper   8/ Details
9/ OASAP ring   10/ Got my phone back fixed!
11/ Before Nat's 18th   12/ Vintage corset, Miss selfridge skirt
13/ Before work   14/ Glamorous khaki disco pants (too big!)

I can't believe how fast this week has gone!  It's getting to critical UCAS deadline stage and I am so nervous, I need to write my personal statement and I keep procrastinating and getting more and more worried.  Does anyone have any tips on PS writing, or ideas of what to include/personal experiences? Leave a comment if so, thanks!

Anyway enough with me panicking, I've been invited to the Motel Rocks Christmas party in London tomorrow and I'm really nervous about going because I'm so ridiculously socially awkward, so if you're going leave a comment or tweet me and please come say hi, I don't bite!
love amy x


  1. really nice snapshots! :-)

  2. OOOOOOOH I LOVE THE DRESS!! (and your hair of course!!!)

  3. I'm in the middle of writing mine as well stressssing!
    I've literally just split it into what I know about the course/why I want to apply for it, current experience, plans for the future, awards/qualifications etc (still clueless though)

    good luck!


  4. oh ucas was the bane of existence, now Im waiting to hear back from unis... try to relate all the non-school stuff to the degree you want to do, so they're not like why is she telling me about this


  5. the vintage corset you wore is stunning! It's a bit crazy for me to give you advice for PS writing as I'm a couple years younger than you, however in school we also had to practice writing some so to help I'll tell you my paragraph layout..
    - introduction, name age etc the sort of awkward conversation opener substitute
    - what uni course I want to do and why
    - personal importance about attending uni
    - GCSE options / results, go into A level options also
    - any school awards / features (e.g good attendance consistently)
    - extra curricular activities
    - work experience

    Hope this helped and excuse how long it is!

  6. Good luck with your personal statement! Just try and let your personality shine through, bear in mind all your basic information and grades will be in another part of the form already, don't try and stick to a rigid format and structure, especially if you're applying for a creative course! xx

  7. Hi Amy,
    I'm in the same year as you so I thought I'd give you the PS tips I was given that helped me so much... Just write everything you want to say, then worry about the characters after. Don't write anything that isn't relevant and also ask yourself 'so what?' at the end of each sentence. The student room (I think, aha)has some really good and some really bad real ones that people have sent in so I'd really advise looking at that. Don't waste characters talking about your GCSEs unless they are directly relevant to your course, but write as much as possible (at least 2/3 of the PS ideally) about why you want to do the course and anything extra you've done for it, i.e. reading around the subject.
    I'm sure you'll do brilliantly, you write really well :)

  8. OH MY GOD i have to follow you
    you're so cute and pretty
    loooove your blog

  9. Best of luck with the UCAS application. I remember that dreadful thing!!! I just felt like my persoanl statement was a load of crap. But it all turned out well in the end! I wrote quite a lot about how my future aims / current experiences linked to my choice of degree.

    It's worth saying too that once you've sent it off don't worry about it if people get offers earlier than you! I remember panicing so much when all my friends had their offers / declines back in just a couple of weeks - mine took almost 2 months I think! I remember being really stressed out about it, but some unis just get wayyyy more applications than others so they have a lot more to go through and they do a huge narrowing down kind of process! If you want to ask me anymore questions feel free!

    Robyn Mayday


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