Tuesday 11 December 2012

Sunday Summary Week 82

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1/ Mighty Boom Ball arrived   2/ Got a tan in the retouched shoot pics!
3/ Black Milk leggings!!   4/ Black Milk ootd
5/ Illustrating   6/ Lashes of London dress at my friend's 18th
7/ Polly having a nerd moment   8/ VIP Clothes Show Live Ticket!
9/ Best seats in the house!   10/ Regal Rose hair rings
11/ Models Own @ CSL   12/ Vintage jewellery
13/ Check shirt ootd   14/ Acorn necklace detail

Sorry a day late again due to Clothes Show Live! Had an incredible day and bought some good stuff which I may share with you guys soon.  Just finished an English essay so absolutely knackered but glowing with achievement, yay me!
love amy x


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