Friday 28 December 2012

What's in my bag?

Bag* // Marc B
I can't consider myself a true blogger until I create a 'what's in my bag' post for you guys and I recently received this gorgeous Marc B bag and thought it would be a perfect time to do it!  I've included some of my essentials, and emptied out the unsightly things that are usually in there, ie. old receipts and wrappers!

Bag // I can't handle bags that have the small handles as they're just too awkward to hold so I stick to rucksacks and shoulder bags, so this fits the bill perfectly, and also has a ton of inside pockets so I don't lose important things (like my phone) in the depths of the general bag-ness

Butterscotch sweets // Similar to Werthers originals, I was given this free sample of sweeties at the clothes show live and they're so delicious, so had to include them!

Antibac hand gel // Especially if I'm going to London I can't leave this behind, I'm a bit of a germ freak when it comes to the London Underground!

Purse // I received this lovely LV purse for christmas from my mum, replacing my old one which has really gone past its prime!  My old one was pretty dark so it's nice to have a change with a bright red, and it's a lot easier to find in a bag!

Phone // Obviously I freak out if I don't have my phone, how will I instagram what I ate for lunch?! (sarcasm..).  I got this Drop Dead case for christmas last year and it's still going strong!

Gum // For smelly breath situations, obv

Lomo camera // It's nice to take my Diana mini out for the day sometimes, it's just a shame the film is so expensive and the development process is so long!

Solar Oil // It's always good to keep cuticle's healthy, especially when winter is so drying to the skin

Rings // There's always some rings floating around in my bag, I take them off and forget about them!

Lipstick // I'll usually take whatever lipstick I'm wearing on the day, in this instance I have the Dali lipstick I reviewed not so long ago!

Dry Shampoo // For that rogue third day hair

Lipgloss // Got this Models Own lipgloss in a bundle at the clothes show live, always useful for a bit of brightness

Vaseline // Okay I think it's clear that I carry around too much lip product!  This pink tinted vaseline adds a touch of colour to your lips and will help you through the winter!

Moleskine // I've had this moleskine for a good long while now, and it's so nice going back and looking through it, I'll share some more pages soon, as I have created a lot more in it since my last update.
love amy x


  1. I always carry so many lip products round with me! haha xxx

  2. you´ve got awesome stuff! love your sketch book and camera:)

  3. There is no such thing as too many lip products in a handbag! If you leave one at home, it will be the one you want when you're out xx

  4. I'm the sam with carrying around 5 or 6 lip products around at a time!
    Beautiful purse :) xx

  5. I love these types of posts :D cool post! xx

  6. love the bag, really nice, and your phone case is also really adorable
    xx ish

  7. I love 'What's in my bag' posts. :-) Such a cute post, I really adore your bag! Happy holidays honey xoxo

  8. Great post! :D Love your blog by the way :)

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