Saturday 15 June 2013

REVIEW // Boost Buddy Multivitamins

So I know what you're thinking; really? Multivitamins? Just read on a bit and it will make a little more sense!  I did actually kind of reviewed the vitamins in my May Favourites Video but unfortunately the video glitched a lot which I was disappointed about *sad face*.
Anyway, Boost Buddy is a multivitamin company which delivers the food supplements right to your door.  There are 12 different types you can get which you can see here.  I got Chill, Pep, Energy and Shine, which is why it relates to my blog, as it's about enhancing beauty, and as you guys may know I love to try and be a beauty blogger every now and then!  Every packet comes with 7 pills so each sorts you for one month and you just take them in the morning with your breakfast.
As I mentioned in my video, I really did notice the difference when I took these pills.  I'm not sure whether it's a psychological effect, with my brain convincing myself that they're making a difference, but on days where I took the Energy and Pep pills I really did feel more refreshed and energetic, then when I took the Chill pills on my exam days I found it easier to concentrate and felt less panicked.  Lastly the Shine pills are my most favourite, as they keep you young and beautiful!  They keep your skin tone even and youthful, as well as keeping your nails and hair healthy, which is very important to me with how much my hair gets damaged with dyeing and heat damage!
Overall, I tried my best to review the item, I hope I made sense!  Honestly the best way to try the pills out is to buy them yourself, it's £6.50 per week, which obviously is less than £1 per day and see if you can feel the difference!  Plus, for a free pack with your first order, simply enter 'Woof' at checkout.  See the website here.
love amy x


  1. Saw your quick review of them in your favourites video, glad you've reviewed them here to explain a little more! I'm going to give these a go :)

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

  2. These sound really neat.


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