Thursday 10 October 2013

Kate Spade New York iPhone Case Haul & Review

So the lovely people over at Three decided to treat me to this lovely Kate Spade phone case, how could I say no?  I thought as well as a haul I'd review it for you guys that may be interested in the case - apologies if this doesn't quite make sense though, I just woke up from a nap!
So the first thing you notice about the phone case is that it comes in two parts, a silicone bumper part then a hard back that slots on.  I was confused by this at first but it snapped on fine and wouldn't come off easy, and thus far hasn't even scratched after having it on my phone for a week which I'm very impressed with!  The case is very nice to hold, if that makes any sense?! The plastic is smooth and the case is shaped around all the doodads on the side of the phone as well as being 'planed' by the camera hole so you can use the flash without blurry whiteness in photos (is it just me that's happened to?).  Last but not least is appearance - all I really have to say is I like it a lot, what more is there to polka dots? However I do think that the black bumper would suit a black iPhone more than my white one, but it doesn't bother me.
Did I just go on for two paragraphs reviewing a phone case? Haha anyway, hope you found this helpful if you're looking for a new case and I'll see you in my next post!
love amy x


  1. I adore Kate Spade, I am looking into purchasing her cinema phone case!

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  3. Looks cute :)

    Do come visit us too!

  4. I'm always looking to get a new phone case, this one looks so cute!

  5. nice phone case!
    ps. u r in my top 5 bloggers of the week! (there's a post on my blog! )


  6. This looks incredible so unique will need to look into these <3

  7. My uncles best friend is head of design for KS I am kind of obsessed!

  8. seeing this so much recently, its perffff.

  9. I am using this Kate Spade case. it having more colors and much more models. It look like very incredible one. Flash Lights


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