Wednesday 20 November 2013

HAUL // Snupped Custom iPad Case

SpaceBook* // Snupped

I received an iPad mini from my boyfriend not long ago and I'm on it 24/7 so the case gets duffed around in my bag constantly, therefore my crappy ebay case got all tatty and dirty within weeks of using it.  So judging from that experience you can imagine how over the moon I was when Snupped got into contact.

Snupped is a company that works with different artists to continuously release unique designs on cases for laptops, tablets and phones.  Although I was very drawn to some of the premade graphics, I really wanted a bespoke iPad case, so I spent hours creating my own personal cover on Photoshop with a load of crappy Tumblr photos and absolutely love the end result - not only because I love how busy it is, but because it's totally personalised for me!   I went for the SpaceBook which opens out and has a convenient paperwork pocket, but you can also get a SpaceGlove which is a sleeve style if that's more your thing!

The case is extremely sturdy, I've kept it on my iPad since I got it in September and there are no signs of wear whatsoever.  The case obviously bends in the middle so I can stand it up to watch TV and fastens with elastic to keep the iPad secure.  I will be honest - the single downside to the case is that it does not feature a hole in the back to take photos, but I never use the camera on my iPad anyway so it's not a problem for me.

I think if you're looking for a special, personalised Christmas present, a Snupped case is the way to go - whether you create a photo collage, have a favourite work of art or even opt for one of the preset designs, it's a gift suitable for all ages and genders!
love amy x


  1. Absolutely loving your ipad case, it's gorgeous! xx

  2. Wow its really pretty!

  3. Such a nice case, i've been looking for one for a while, may have to get it <3

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  4. Love this case - it's so you!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

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    1. I designed it myself and uploaded it to the website so it's unavailable to buy x

  6. I'm adoring this iPad case absolutely gorge
    S xx

  7. This is so cute! Would love one of these!

  8. I. Love. Your. Design. Those are my favorite type of pictures on tumblr. YYAAAAASSS.
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  9. My god! That case is amazing! So much nostalgia!

  10. i want the exact case as yours!xo

  11. Hi awesome idea – i saw people trying similar things for the kindle – reason being that people stop gawking at them when they saw them with a book instead of a gadget. Flash Lights


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