Sunday Summary Week 137


1/ Surprise gift box from Boohoo!  2/ Photobooth with Kayla at CSL
3/ Made my grandads Christmas gift  4/ Christmas dinner!
5/ Clutch heaven at Lulu Guinness  6/ Kracie donut set

Sorry I haven't really blogged this week, I've been spending a lot of time with my family over the Christmas period, and had a really lovely time!  I had to work a lot of hours as I'm in retail but I didn't let it ruin my Christmas spirit, sad it's all over now.  Hope you all had a good Christmas(:
love amy x

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6 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 137 ”

  1. these pictures look lovely :) glad you had a nice Christmas!

  2. Your Boohoo gift box looks adorable! Spending time with family over Christmas is always important :)

    - Natalie

  3. Lovely pictures. I seem to always forget to document my week!

  4. Love the pictures x

  5. Love the photo booth pictures! You guys are amazing :) Hope you are having a great holiday!

    Wild Flower


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