Wednesday 1 January 2014

New year, better me.

I've never really done the whole New Year's Resolutions thing before, because quite frankly I know I'm crap at keeping them - and I know there's a lot of negativity attached to resolutions because so many people fail them.  I'm not venturing out to change my life massively, but to just remove the negativity and become a little more organised and self assured, so I made this little graphic to print off and stick on my wall for when I get a little down.  Feel free to print it off for yourself if it applies to you too!  Happy New Year to you all and let me know below what your resolutions are if you've made any (:
love amy x


  1. For me, no fast fashion!

  2. Happy new year...great post :)
    For me Love :)
    i'm your new follower from italy, if you want visit my blog and follow me.....thank you

  3. This is definitely made for me! Glad we have the same little kinks to work on. Just how do you plan on doing this though?

  4. Happy New Year to you as well!

    One of my reoccurring resolutions is to floss more. Can never get into the good habit of doing so everyday. I do love your list though, these little changes, I've found, are much more effective than trying all at once to change every aspect about oneself. Best of luck to you in the new year!

  5. 1, 3, 7 & 10 are definitely ones I should take note of! I never stick to resolutions though! Happy new year

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  6. I want to keep organized as well! I'm trying to do that so hard since the last couple of weeks :) It make me feel a lot better!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Oh, yes, that kind of sounds like me. I really need to make a list as well and yours contains points which mine will contain, too. My life needs some more organization as well and especially more time management.


  8. I've noticed several bloggers ny resolutions includes to worry less! We're going to be a wrinkly generation ey!
    happy new year

  9. I literally agree with every single one of these! :)

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  11. I love all of your resolutions! Procrastinating less is definitely a goal of mine, too!

    Xo, Hannah


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