Sunday Summary Week 149

1/ Went out in Bournemouth with Jess! 2/ Happy accident photo (Grafea bag)
3/ Love my new tee from The Orphan's Arms 4/ Holographic bag & nails
5 & 6/ My last night in Bournemouth with Jess & Charlie

This week has honestly been the best week of my year so far.  I decided as the weather was so nice I'd take a trip down to Bournemouth to spend some time with my friends at uni there and chill out on the beach.  The latter didn't happen due to crappy weather but I had a truly amazing time with my friends and met some new people too.  It's made me so excited to move out and go to uni and get out of the rut I'm currently in.  Anyway I'm knackered as I was out til 4am four nights in a row in Bournemouth then I had work at 9 yesterday, doing that on 5 hours sleep was not fun so I need to catch up on some z's!

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5 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 149 ”

  1. I love all your photos, I'm going to have to find you on instagram. ♥

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! Gorgeous pics!

  3. great look

  4. Spending time with friends always make me feel a little easier.

    / Avy


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