Sunday Summary Week 154

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1/ My Maui & Sons rail at the Primark shoot  2/ Casual look final shots
3/ Awesome shark background!  4/ Surprise #ExperienceEverything package from Boohoo
5/ Finally got some shots back from a photoshoot last year  6/ Outfit for the #MotelFestival

So today is a very exciting day because I am currently in my temporary London house!  I'm staying with a friend because I managed to get an internship at Company Magazine starting tomorrow for one month, so excited!  I'll be sure to update you guys along the way and let me know if you'd like me to do a post or something about my time there.  I'd love to do a post on how to get an internship at Company, but I literally just asked the head stylist while I was at my photoshoot with them and they booked me in!  It's my first proper internship for a long while so if any of you have any tips do let me know below - and any London friends get in touch as I'll be here for the next four weeks!

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15 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 154 ”

  1. Love the photos! Your blog is so lovely too. :)

  2. Love this post, your week summaries from Instagram always look cool! & Thanks for replying to my question and posting how to get an internship at Company, every if you weren't sure :)

    You always seem to be doing shoots for brands and magazines, how do you get those opportunities?

    Love Emma xx

  3. I have a major style crush on you, hahaha! Love the photoshoot picture--it's super rad!

  4. love the shots, and congratulation for the internship! I was an intern for pr company at Old Street for a month, it was fun though! Can't wait to hear more about ur experience <3

  5. such cool photos, and congratulations on the intership! i hope you make a post and tell us all about it :)

  6. aamazing hair <3

  7. love these colours, they are gunna look so good in the summer xx

  8. nice pictures

  9. I think you should definitely make a blog post about your time at company or even a video vlog if you're able too! As it would be very interesting :D

  10. omg im just in love with your style and hair!!
    also love your youtube videos


  11. Your hair is such a gorgeous colour, love it! x


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