Sunday Summary Week 159

1/ Pretty new Dixi pieces 2/ Wandering around London
3/ Interviewed a ton of bands at Camden Rocks  4/ Iron Fist OOTD
5/ Met The Blackout  6/ Neon sign at a bar

As I spent so much time apart from my boyfriend during my internship, he basically lived round my house this week and it was so lovely!  It was very chilled until yesterday when I attended Camden Rocks festival on behalf of Attitude Clothing for South of Heaven and it completely knackered me.  I was interviewing band after band, working all day and then partied into the early hours of the morning - safe to say I feel pretty much dead right now!  I've now got a ton of footage to edit through so when that's sorted I'll make sure to update you all!

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17 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 159 ”

  1. I love your dress so much! X

  2. Great pictures!! Looks like you had a great week!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  3. Looks like you had a great week, i cant wait to hear about your internship at Company Magazine!

    Pretty please could you nominate me in Cosmopolitan's blog awards 2014? I would really appreciate the support and it only takes a second or two I promise! Please follow this link to vote for me:

    Thanks so much! Love Emma xx

  4. Great pictures, Love the dress.

  5. That dress is stunning, and I am so glad I'm not the only one wearing darker colours still!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Ah can't wait to see your video footage! Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday : )


  7. Aw looks like you had a lot of fun! Your necklace in the first picture is to die for!

    Kimmiberry xo

  8. I love your style Miss! You look stunning!


  9. Ah, so jealous you went to Camden Rocks..

    Lorrie Loves

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  11. Always perfect :)

  12. great look dear

  13. Cool pictures!

  14. Love your pictures !

    J'organise un concours w/ Malicieuse n'hésite pas a participer


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