Sunday Summary Week 163

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1/ Feeling mermaidy 2/ OASAP jumper & Shade Station watch
3/ New Druzy Dreams pieces  4/ Holi Festival with Alex & Polly

After a long day of dancing and throwing powder paint around, it's nice to have some chill out time at my laptop!  Polly, Alex and I bought last minute tickets to Holi Festival on a whim and despite it being the first festival I've been to where I haven't known any of the acts, I had a blast.  The weather was a bit of a downer at first as we walked to the festival in pouring rain but it soon cleared up thankfully, as I know the day before it rained quite a bit.  I've always seen photos of the colour festivals online so it was amazing to experience it for myself, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that's contemplating going - however you WILL get paint all in your hair, eyes, mouth and nose - that part isn't too fun!  Watch my video of the paint countdown here!

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