Sunday Summary Week 170

1/ Amazing makeup by Beth for the FU shoot  2/ V Festival day 1 AX Paris outfit
3/ V Fest selfie with Kayla  4/ V Festival day 2 AX Paris outfit

As you may be able to tell from these photos, I've been to V Festival!  I went along with the lovely Kayla Hadlington for AX Paris and had an incredible time, I vlogged it on my brand new camera (oOoh) so you should all see that soon.  My favourite act was of course Justin Timberlake and Bastille weren't half bad either - did any of you go?  Who was your favourite act?

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4 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 170 ”

  1. You look amazing in that top left photo! Plus, super jealous you met Kayla, she's one of my favourite bloggers! :)

  2. cool! you look amazing!


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